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Melvyn Lennard
get a load of my dank memes lelelelelel
<img src="">
That's what you get for rushin- *shot*
<img src="">
<img src="">
Oh my, Eusine's drawing of Suicune is just.. fabulous xD
Well I imagine it's easy to forget when you're experiencing the most fun stage.
"I love you comics"
"Comics are hard"
"What is sleep"

This is me like right now :s
@Extremmefan: Good catch. Sorted it now.
@ForestFire: I know, right?
Is that a jet pack wielding moth robot?

I think it's a jet pack wielding moth robot.
Aw man you had me all anxious waiting for this review. Thanks for the feedback and positive words, I'll try and take this on-board in future parts.

Thanks again :)
"Next up is not actually Sonic 32X like it originally would have been."

Goddamnit lol Why you gotta tease me ;D

Fair enough though. Will just have to stay giddy for a little while longer ;P
Let's give him a hand!
@Ultimate Yoshi: Sometimes I forget that webcomics are actually on their own sites and aren't just based on their SmackJeeves profile .-.

@Ultimate Yoshi: You mean the bit in the description?
Golly, the title for the next comic xD

This comic actually looks pretty cool. Might have to give it a read at some point.

Any idea on when mine might be looked at?
I find myself saying 'golly' a lot too. Must be the British side rearing it's split-teethed head lol
Way to reanimate a dead comic lol
Who cares who's first? Alls I care about is... will they 'Defeat Them All!™'?