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Messy haired bookseller descended from fishes and librarians. Lives between the Puget Sound (a collection of islands and waterways in the northwest tip of the United States) and a volcano.

Gray house, hawthorne tree bigger than god, one eyed cat.

I like comics.
Suprise titties! Oyo's got them. Because she's a she. I freaking love drawing oyo in that rediculous dino towel, too. Speaking of, now that she is dressed in something absurd and uncharacteristic, I've got a blog post about her costume design over at! Timely, megan. Very very timely.
fun with text! Been a little letter starved.
Apologies for the week without updates. I was out of town, and the only internet access was dialup. There was no way I could get the comic up with that. Nevertheless, it was a working vacation. I got a whole lot of pages wrapped up and even designed a new banner! Not terribly thrilled with it, but it's serviceable for now.

Anyway, this begins our formal contact with a character who can speak! And she's a bit of a talker. Lots of fun to write for. Should be some nifty pages in the future. Thanks for reading!
June 23rd, 2011
I like your implied backgrounds in the first two panels! Very clever way of keeping them grounded without making the layout messy. I love this comic, by the way. I saw it a couple weeks ago and stayed up late to get all caught up!
A climbing scene. I'm quite happy with my two thirds ratio in both the second and fourth panels. One and three though... I don't know about you guys. Busy busy. Have to keep that in mind for the future.
We finally get some text on the page! Signs signs signs.

Also, Dear Valve, and the Portal team. I love you so very much. And if you'd like me to take that sign out of there I will. (but until then I will leave it as a token of my undying love)

New post on Settings and my lovely hometown at!
I hope it's apparent from the gap between panel one and panel two on this page that it goes from night to day in the blink of an eye. If not... well there's this comment here to clue you in. Even though it's cheating.

Once again, more insights into the mind of a professional amature at!
June 14th, 2011
neat opening so far. I'm curious to see where this is going.
One day, I too will rest easy under the slain corpses of my enemies.

At you can read about how I blocked out my fight scene! Includes sketches! Terrible ways the comic might have been! Admissions of slacking off at work!

Really, all you could ever want in a comic-blog.
This comic is hilarious! I love your style, too.
stab it inna eye
first page. This will update tuesdays and thursdays. So I suppose this friday is a bonus. Welcome to my comic!