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I've only just started liking comics. I prefer webcomic for the obvious reason that they are free. I have a few furries which are my favorites but I'm also into apocalyptic, steam punk and medieval comics, or stuff which is either hilarious or thought provoking.
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I see there starting to get along together already. XD
You mad bro? :)
But, it may contain ghost Pokemon now :D
So ghost can disappear from other ghosts? Cool
Hah, didn't know Max wanted to be a doctor (would have thought he's the kind of kid to faint at the site of blood). But perhaps, with his new ghost talking abilities, he'd make a great forensic scientist :D
We all knew it would come eventually but just... not so soon :'(
Trainer has evolved into bulbasaur.
It could be worse... can't really think how, but I just know it.
Oh what travesties will ensue?
How'd he "WHUMP" into a ghost?
Cassandra, we hardly knew ya
Don't use your celebrity powers for evil! I actually thought this was for realz!
Did his black-eye clear up?
@GentlePush: I was taking about the PS3 version
@GentlePush: Are you going to get the One Piece video game?
What would you call that kind of hair cut?
It was kind of cool seeing the page as it is before and after it is complete.
See you in May.
Unfortunately I don't get the joke. But great comic still.
Just noticed that this is the first time we see one of George's Pokemon.
January 9th, 2012
How the heck did that guy fake the giant snake god? Also since when does the police deal with religion?