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Webcomic of the self-proclaimed ultimate fangirl, Iris!
Talk, Discuss, & Rant about Video Games, Film , Animation/Anime, Music, Comics, Food, Hobbies, and stuff...

Mostly stuff!

*Iris is a fictional character created by Hyunwoo (Mac) Ko.
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New Blog :D
Hey there peeps. I suppose I didn't make it too clear last time, hence the confusion. I'm sorry! >_<

I will be phasing out (or perhaps already did? :O)to my Facebook page for general discussion and randomness, while I'll be posting everything Iris related to my blog.

It's a decision I made due to not enough time to pursue Iris at the moment.

Does that mean there won't be anymore Iris? Not necessarily. As the blog explains, I will be posting my thoughts, and Iris related posts (pictures, development news, etc) as much as I can.

Unfortunately, it won't be a comic blog (there will be occasional comics though! D:) so I think I should let you know up front :(

But I'd be happy to see you join in the conversation either at my blog or my Facebook page.

See you on the other side! :)


Facebook Page:
Working on Blog
@Bender B Rodriguez: Hi Bender. Thank you so much for the continued interested while I apologize for the lack of anything these days ;_;

I opened a blog in hopes to keep things in motion. That said, I haven't made an official announcement because it's still in the works.

Thanks! ;D
@Graham: :D I hope you liked it!
@creation62: Thank you for the comment there. I understand and agree with what you said. >_<

Hopefully I'll get things sorted out and improved along the way. Once life gets less crazy here :P
@noki: I'm alive... :P Most of my activities are in Facebook at the moment since they are not comics strictly speaking :(

@wizen: Sorry to hear! :(
I understand since right now I am in planning phase. I don't know if I will pursue a full story, or keep it simple. The idea is to create a blog first, but I'll be sure to post some announcements when that happens! :)
Still Alive
@noki: Hi there!
No, I'm still alive, but I'm taking a hiatus for my comics to prepare for a better relaunch. :)

I'm more active in my Facebook page which is here:

Stop by and say hello! xD
@ : It's like... It's like.... @_@
@Asia_Major: Aw thanks! xD
I'm happy you like my style! :3
That's a wrap!
Thank you everyone for following Iris till now! The comic will go on a hiatus marking the end of 2011.

Iris will be going through some recharging and re-planning for a newer, better Iris that will rock your socks off! (Maybe... Can't guarantee! >_<)

Keep in touch with Iris for her relaunch of her website and the occasional behind-the-scenes!

How? By subscribing to Iris' newsletter, you'll always be in the loop!

Check the top side of the page, or simply click here:
@creation62: (From Mac)
1: I bought the Orange Box when it came out! :D

2: You can find me as 'Kohyunu', but it's been a while since I played. :(

3: No I haven't >_< What's it about? The only thing I could find was a song that I don't know whether it's relevant to TF2 :/

4: Iris can be ANYTHING! XD
Facebook Poll Link
It's finally out!
After a long while of me getting around with other things and such, I finally drew the recent episode! T_T

Thank you for all of those who were waiting, and to top off the final battle... Who do you think should win?

We all know who's going to win eventually, but the question was, who 'should' win, since I know there's alot of Metal Sonic fans out there! ;)

I've put up a poll on my Facebook page so you can participate! :3

Thanks again to all the lovely folks who've been a great supporter to this day! xD
Sorry everyone, I’ll be back soon! T_T
@Krogaladin: Totally on my 'to-buy' list! >_<
@Phenoix12: Hey thanks there! xD
I heard of Touhou! I suck so much at dodging bullets though ;_;

I always end up not able to use any bombs and die... And think to myself, why did I save those bombs if I can't use them at all! ;A;