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SPACE MAGIC!? Ahhh, that's really awesome!
This is a really beautiful page :D Your water looks awesome!
I remember seeing this on tumblr (or DA, not sure) and thinking about how cool it looked! Nice to see it again!
@Loverofpiggies: T'was excellent >w< It's amazing to see such an awesome artist draw my little character
xDD OH MAH GOD. This is perfect!!! You captured him perfectly!
Oh my gosh!!! You drew my Bill!! :D It's so awesome to see him >w< Thank you very much!

Bill you better be nice to Nim >.> She's a sweetie pie.
September 16th, 2012
I do that all the time!

Anywho.. I am always amazed by how beautiful your art work is. <3 Stunning as always.
My goodness your art is amazing O_O, ever page is just so epic.
September 8th, 2012
Very interested :D This was such a cute comic <3
Bwaah D: I can relate. I loss my starter in my nuzlocke too..
number 3 is my favourite of this batch.
I'm glad you kept him shiny >w<

Also, I think that the odds should be the same in this game as the others. It'd be really cool to see a shiny on your team :D
Page 100, nice ;D

Gosh I like how you draw Dewott <3
Of course Hiccup would stand up against bullies, it fits him perfectly :D

Poor Ireth, I wonder what'll happen D:
Oh man D: those Houndoom really want to catch you Jen. Book it!!
Poor Sky.. I'm afraid of heights too, but I'm not a bird soooo...
Shiny loudred?
Woo!! Welcome back dear~ I'm already super excited for the next update >W<
That must have been an interesting question to hear xD Also, laziness is expected in the summer dear, don't even worry about it!!