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Name: Call me Bella if you must

Age: 16 going on 17

Orientation: Straight and staying that way

Relationship Status: single and not looking

Likes: food, anime, BL, animals, Monty Python, MST3K, drawing, mah friends

Dislikes: diets, most American cartoons, homophobes, country music, stupid people, people who can't take a joke, mah enemies

Dirty Little Secret: I *le gasp* ACTUALLY LIKE PRESIDENT BUSH. What a shocker.

Other: I've had a Gizmo plush since birth. =D Yet I've never seen the movie Gremlins!
  • Real Name
    Bella Mai
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September 17th, 2009
...Summer is over, now. :D
update update update UPDATE please

That is all.
I enjoy the fact that T1p2 is also the champion at Frog Batting.
lol Sean has a neckbeard.
You're not dead?! Amazing.
Am I the only one who thinks little scene boy is adorable? Maybe because I'm the exact opposite of him. That must be it.
Damn, I wish I could do that. You and your goddamn talents, always making me feel worthless....
My self esteem just killed itself.
Hmph. He should've walked her home.
D'aww. That's just adorable.
D'awwww! Cutest thing ever.
Hmm. Interesting take on this.
And I'm so glad I made you lol. ^_^ That is my purpose in life.
Holy hell, that is an amazing dress. ^_^
And his brain just shut down, huh? Drooling pile of stupid on the next page. =P
Rape is imminent.
April 20th, 2008
The pudge NEVER leaves. 0_o
Gail could TOTALLY pull off a cape! It's TOTALLY plausable!
A policeman. Chasing a chicken. Where on earth do you live where that is a sight that will EVER happen. EVER.

And grats on 100 fans. =D This comic deserves 'em.
Aww, his ears went down with his smile. That's adorable.
You always point out "flaws" in your art that I never would've noticed myself. You beat yourself up too much.

Well THAT sucks.