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I'm neko, and I'm a freak who loves webcomics and will hopefully make her own. (IF she can get the skill, time, and reason to. of course.)

Oh, and my avatar sucks, I know- I broke my tablet pen and therefor had to use mouse to make it. XD
I love this so much. XD Your webcomics are so awesome~
My mom thinks I'm insane, though. BEcause I really went "Eeeeeeee" in real life. Eheh... XD
They look so cute! ;u;
They're reminding me or Ritsuka and Soubi from Loveless, oddly enough... XD (I hope those are the right names. o3o)
They're both so adorable. <3 I love this. The story flows so well and~ THEY'RE SO CUTE. ;u; I really like Raine. XD
Yes yes, boobs are wonderful =//u//=
I feel like such a pervert for admitting that pfft... OTL
Your comics are so cute. :3
Usually the people I'm attracted to I end up getting somehow forced to talk to.
Some people call it fate, I call it torture. ;A;
Sooo cute. *A* I was going to squeal, but no sound came out. TOO. ADORABLE. XD
She's so adorable~ ;u;
Oddly, I can't see this actually working though. I keep having a bad feeling that the next page is her somehow failing miserably. XDD
Pffy, poor couch... XD And poor Isolde.

Shinja and Why can I never remember his name? TTnTT Anyway, SHinja and whats-his-name are adorable~ ^^

I really can't wait for more or this. *u* It seems pretty awesome so far~
AHHH thank gosh. XDD I was like, dying there. I was like "NO MORE?! ;A;"
I love this webcomic to muchh. XD
Welcome~ X3 I just found this today and it's so cute. XDD It's really unique and amusing. =u=
As always, it's impossible to just pick only one of the amazing characters. oAO Therefor, I shall tell you all why this comic is wonderful. X3

The characters are funny and sweet, and they're just... perfect. Not perfect like mary-sue perfect, but... HUMAN perfect. Which is why I can't get over it. :3
Plus, the CONCEPT is adorable. XD It's impossible to get over it.
"Stay in school and don't do drugs." XD
Wh-what? ;A;
THE END? *cries*
I can't believe I didn't see that. ono
Oh well, it was very cute. ^^
You should make a sequel~ 8D
Oh wow, very creepy. o.o
I love the coloring~
Your art is amazing~ <3 ^^ The shading is wonderful. And don't worry, the sunset looks GREAT. I can';t wait for the next page. :3
This comic is so cute. ^^ <3 Officially one of my favorites. :3
He's a smuke. 8D YESS.

I think like, everyone read that. XD
Your comic is so amazingg. ouo
And this made me SOO Happy. XD
I'm so excited for thiss~ <3 8D And this looks fantastic so far. XD It's such an interesting idea~ >u<
I used to do that when I was little to hide from my dad in hide-n'-seek. never worked. XD
This is like, my third time to say it, but I love your coloring. ^^
He's so adorable. >u<