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Yes, my eyes really are that big.
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Juvi is so metal.
February 23rd, 2013
Just gonna butt in here for a second.

Archia, I really hope you don’t switch up your comment policy in such a way that doesn’t allow critiques. Without reiterating basically everything Repsychus just said…crit happens. I don’t see much of a difference between ‘discussing things’ and ‘commenting on the pages’. Discussion is basically what comments are FOR. Sometimes it’s going to be negative. It happens. Nobody’s trying to hurt you.
...Or will there be? <.<
Currently still working on the next page. Midterms are getting me a bit, but SOON!
I'm back.
My God.
I'm so sorry for the delay, guys. Incredible college drama. Still, fear not, I'm gonna get back on track and speed up the updates. There won't be a delay this long again.
@TheStranger - Thank you!

@The_Hankerchief - Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for. For some reason I love mixing old stuff with silly FUTURE stuff.

But yeah, I'm slowly getting back on track. Settling into college and whatnot.
Hopefully I'll be getting Photoshop soon so Blankd doesn't have to do all the edits.

September 6th, 2012
I don't know why, but I find his nose or lack thereof kind of adorable.
@TheStranger - Thank you!
Sorry for the delay. Moving into college and all. This feels weird. o.o
At the very least I have a scanner that seems to work, and Blankd is still doing the edits. Enjoy!
Another week late, but here we are.
Thanks again to Blankd for the edits!
@RyoSoulreaper - Thanks! They're a pain in the butt to draw but I like how they look.

@The_Hankerchief - Don't trust em'.
Replies Pt.2
@Windgoddess427 - AWW, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! It really means a lot!
Replies Pt.2
@Windgoddess427 - Oh, thank you so much!
(Not really. -.- I'm a week off.)

I present to you...MORE FLOWERS.
Also, thank you to Blankd for the edits.
Sorry for the delay! I'm still having issues with editing since I no longer have Photoshop, but Blankd is really helping me out.

As a realy, really, -really- small bonus just because I've been so late, I'll repost the playlist I made earlier here with some new songs on it and video links. Enjoy!

And as always, thank you for reading.

1. Knights of Cydonia – Muse (
2. Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode (Shinoda remix) (
3. Time is Running Out – Muse (
4. Across the Universe – Fiona Apple (Beatles cover) (
5. A Cure – Emilie Autumn (
6. Aura – Emily Bindiger (
7. I Know the Truth – Pretty Lights (
8. Recessional – Vienna Teng (
9. Apocalypse Please – Muse (
10. Handlebars – Flobots (
11. Dido’s Lament – Malena Ernman (
12. Always on my Mind – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Willie Nelson cover) (
13. Reconstructing Science – Portal 2 Soundtrack (
14. Liar – Emilie Autumn (Medical Mix by Angelspit ) (
15. Inner Universe – Origa (
16. 17 Years – Ratatat (
17. Safe and Sound – Acquire A Acapella (Taylor Swift cover) (
18. Creep - Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Radiohead cover) (
19. Scarlet/Blood Donor – Silent Hill Homecoming (
Oh man I really enjoy this.
This is such a fun and inventive comic. I hope one day I'll be able to draw as expressively as you. Keep it up!
Oh Sid. ;.;
He's like a mix of Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove and a cop.
July 5th, 2012
Aww, I understand her grumpiness. She needs a nap. Or just..a break.

Tristan's adorable, as usual.
@RyoSoulreaper – Yup! New dimension, new planet, new world, NEW POSSIBILITIES.