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Hello ^^
I'm 19 years old it's been 3 years since I started to draw , It's my passion, and what I aspire to
I'm not the best but hope you'll like my art
I love to draw , going to shop with friends and buy a looooooot of things ^^ , I read classical novels and manga , I love music, ice cream,....
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this manga was really fun and sweet ^^
your style sooooooooooo cute >3
Keep going
I really love your manga ^^
the art style is cute too
looking forward for more *heart*
your art skills are (in one word ) astonishing ^^
really I love the paneling
it's so professional like
the inking and OC's are quite impressive
and the story very exciting ^^
this is a lovely manga ^^
I absolutely loooove it *heart*
your art is very beautiful ^^