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marchen de lune
Artist | Writer | Part-Time Underworld Manager

Love this! Thank you!
I'm really glad you enjoy it. ;w; She was really fun to draw. I really loved her tattoos.
Oh wow this fantastic. Hope to see more!
Just read through. Nice use of animation! Hope to see more.
Really like the expressions on this page
I....actually never saw this till now. Somehow I just never came across the piece and holy wow am I blown away. I can't express my thanks enough honestly.
marchen de lune
September 28th, 2013
well isn't that lovely.
This made me laugh xD
You can do it, dear! I'll be sure to read the pages when you update <3
I'm sure he needs a breath mint.
Careful! I got a bit confused by the paneling of this page. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
Also agreeing on the awesome design.
Oh my goodness the last panel made me giggle.
Can't wait for more!
Interesting opening and hope to see more.
Got me interested so far. Hope to see more.