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Captain LeBubbles
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@Pheonid: I'm embarrassed about how long it took me to work out which definition of plug you meant.
That Pikachu looks like a nervous wreck
Caleb looks a little bit like General Ironwood and now I'm wondering if that's a military thing to look like that.
So I just came back to this comic after aaaaages and I'm really excited to get caught up but I forgot everything that happened and so I just picked it back up from the beginning and wowowow I forgot how funny it was, I'm really looking forward to seeing what all I missed!

Also the art style has really changed and that's exciting too. :D

edit: all caught up! Poor Fish.
@Takai: Or maybe it's because he introduced himself to George, but Kahn already knew him? So by the time George learned his name was Atticus, she already knew him as Brent, but Kahn knew him as "Atticus Brent" and so had more leeway to decide which name to use.
@krnyong39: No, he's training, remember? So he can evolve DT and have a better chance of winning against Cheaty McCheaterson?
Hmm. Given that she has looks quite a bit older on the cover, am I safe to assume that a timeskip is imminent?
@Ashley: They didn't have their genders given, but they still had them. If you move them forward into a gen2 game, they didn't retain a genderless state unless their species was genderless.

Of course, that's not to say that George is right about DT's gender. The Charmander line has no distinguishing dimorphism for gender so she could be misreading or projecting. On the other hand, dropping a Bridget on the main character seems pretty amusing, so I can see H0ly going that route.
True story: The designers intended Zekrom to be the masculine dragon, and for Reshiram to be the feminine dragon.
Who's that jumperless person who looks so much like Att-

Oh. ._.
Looks like he's stuck with George after all.
I think the juice box is my favorite part. Juice boxes are awesome.
Stein is being a massive bag of dicks here. Not only is he doing all the things Z2 said, but he's also forcing Atty into a battle using a Pokemon that has already been through one battle recently, that he nearly lost. It's true Atty started the battle with Elle thinking she was the gym leader, but when he did his Pokemon was at full health, NOT in the red.
@Guest: Stein is an adult.

@keeper of the bridge of death: What do you mean? African or European?
I never realized what was missing from my life until I saw a Sandslash in a jumper.
Oh wow, everyone looks so young here!
Aww, SPUDS was so cute when he was tiny~ <3
@...: Well I just got my eighth badge in HG and I've still got my Noctowl (my first catch, too). Though that's mostly down to his frankly inappropriate special defense. (Seriously, underleveled as fuck and he still bought me enough turns to heal my fighters against Clair's Kingdra- something my actual defensive tank failed to do. ._.)
@SolaraHedgie: I actually didn't know it was meant to be secret. She was telegraphing it pretty hard.