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Oooh, Elle? Sounds like trouble for Liz. Alsoo, Millie has the most perfect timing ever, but I get the feeling she was listening in for a while there. Still, can't wait to see what happens!
Woah, Lazzy's a con artist? Never would have thought that. Oooh, who's Elle?
Huh, so they're not really related? Or so Rex reckons. Welll, seeing as how Rex is alwaayys right, cause the whole awesomeness thing, that means Lazzy is even more mysterious than I first thought.
I still can't get over the fact that Rex's the sheriff- he's too cute!
His sister seems nice! I hope she manages to get him to cheer up a little, he looks like he's in shock. Though, I really wanna know what he's moving forward from.
Woah, Lazzy has a sister! How the heck did I forget this? Darned. Still, it's pretty funny how she's like, oh you're still alive, goood, now do you have the money? Real caring there.
..Lazzy looks like he's in shock.
Also, Rex is just amazing in everything he does. Especially that.
Lazzy just wants to escape, but Milly's not letting him, huh? Poor fella, he's never gonna get a break.

So I'm guessing Holle doesn't have much in the way of diversity? Now I feel bad for the Butler, having to stand there until she gets back.
Lazzy just runs away again and againnn. Sighh. Poor Liz may end up feeling a bit neglected soon. Then again, Lazzy should have as much of a head start as he can get.
Oooh, Plan B. She sure is prepared! But I get the feeling that Athan wouldn't approve of this second plan.
Ohmygosh is that Rexy? In another suit? I can't get over how cute he is, all the timeee. He could totally pull off a garbage bag. Laz looks really uncomfortable in that coach, I hope Liz hasn't pulled her gun on him again.
Oooh, mystery upon mystery! She seems really concerned with Athan, and I actually really don't know what she could mean with how he got there. Does she have a hand in that? But awww, Athan has this adorable 'i'm a big boy now' attitude. I find that soo cute.
Ohhh, so Athan doesn't wanna leave Holle? But Millie wants him too, so I guess there's a conflict there. Aww, well, I subscribe to the logic that a person should travel as much as they can, but I guess Athan doesn't think that way. Profit over all, huh?
The pictures in the gallery are all so pretty! <3
Awww, she called him 'hon'. She sounds like a mom. She also looks like she really wants him to go do something. But Athan keeps shutting her down. Awww.
Nightly wind storms sound fun, though. Sand really exfoliates the skin!
Aww, Lazzy is in such a hurry to leave. I guess he didn't have a very good time last night. But then again, that is to be expected.
Oh my gosh, that HAT. THAT HAT. Amazing! I need one of those. And boy does Liz know how to manipulate. Poor Lazzy, the look on his face speaks for itself, doesn't it.
Loving the Day mode, and I really wish you had won that award! Gosh darned it, this comic is awesome!
Xs & Os right back at ya!
Aww, Lazzy is back with all his awesome ways. And Papa King too! Darned, I almost forgot about him. I guess he'll be wanting a word with Lazarus, seeing as how he's about to marry his only daughter. Poor Lazzy. Daylight, and still no escape.
Yea! Chapter Four! I can't wait to see what happens! And might I add, Rexy is looking extraordinarily cute in this cover.
Kahn sure knows how to push Atty's buttons. Soon enough, Atty's gonna crack and kill him. I love the reflection from the pokeball, it looks so cool!
Kahn seems to like being called a hero. Atty seems to view it as being a curse or something. I love how Atty just lights his cigarette on DragonThing! And of course, DragonThing's expression in the last panel. He's just waiting for some appreciation. I love the pretty colors on this page!
Wow, Atticus actually thanked him. I love how he has to check that everything is there. His jumper and his cigarettes are probably the most important things he has. Aww, I love DragonThing's expression in the last panel. So cute.
You got me all excited to see who this new person is! Whoever he is, he has awesome boots. Somehow, I actually believe that Atty may have some Rocks in his bag. It's nice to know that you enjoy drawing this as much as we enjoy reading it!
Atty completely ignores the first suggestion. I love his expressions. So awesome. Creeper Lawnmower guy! Hits him with a chair! I love how he's confused when Atty says 'suggestion'. So he just wanted to hit him, huh? Hilarious!
Atty is Crying? Crying? I had to look at it for like 5 minutes before it hit me. He must feel really relieved that he's alive, but then again, he probably can't take it that Kahn was the one to save him. I love how Kahn just takes it all in stride. Next Chapter, Ahoy!