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A newbie comic book artist looking to improve and learn.I enjoy fairy tales a lot.

Hullo fellows, ladies, and cats. It's been almost a year since I've updated(wow)! I've got the first year of college under my belt, and boy was it busy! Just thought I'd upload this to show how my art is coming along.I have been working on the comic, but it's mostly been development stuff. I'm working through major plot details and questions. It's going well! :-)

Oh goodness I'm listening to pandora and the "Return of the King" score is playing. Suddenly Viggo's husky voice starts singing in elvish and it made me smile.
Now Keesh 7k_large.png
Anyone else notice the crack on Assistant's collar bone? It was in the previous page also.

It's a wallpaper! Here's the link to the DA page and in the description is links to different sizes.
Oh Ashton :(
Really enjoy this comic! Looking forward to more!!!!
April 26th, 2014
@archiloquy: Welcome back! Really enjoy the comic!!
"Snow White and the Seven Different Personalities of her Prince" will be taking a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time, although I realize I don't really update much anyway. This is so I can take time and re-work this comic, as I have (as you can see) come up with a new art style and want to go back and get the chapters and plot in order. I'm hoping to get ahead of the game and maybe be able to start posting by later this year or early next year. I will probably continue to make comic-related art and concept art, which you will be able to view here:

Thank you so much! See you in a while!

I'm going to practice drawing this new Snow and her Prince(s) by making them their own little posters (so to speak)! So anyway, here's Snow and Romeo. As you can guess by his name and his personality color, he's the prince's romantic side.
As I'm getting more and more serious about this comic, I'm trying to find new ways to improve me artwork, and while I was drawing a week or two ago, I doodled this here gal and thought it would be an adorable redesign for Snow White, as the current one is sort of generic-looking. Needless to say, this inspired me to go back and fix up my artwork/story and maybe change the format of the whole thing. Anyway, let me know what you think!
*Cue Indina Mendez*
@BattleStarX: We're gonna need a bigger shelter...
I have a hunch that a want breaking isn't a very good thing. Not sure exactly how much wants are connected to a magician (like the hats) but I wonder what it means for a magician to have their want break?
Oopes I made a grammar mistake, I apologize. I also apologize for the size, smackjeeves is really weird about sizing, especially if you've uploaded something bigger before, but I digress. Here's a link to a bigger version, so you might be able to read it:
@godmoderncommander: Yes, I've seen this comic, too
It's been that sort of week
@TriaElf9: Oh! Thank you very much for clarifying! I had no idea!