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Omg that was so xDDD
I love it!
And I am so agree with tofu4me ^
Sprite and Cinder~
But ;3;
I I thought that they are a couple TT omg they look so cuteee together
Omg Cinder Cinder Cinder <3
Awwww shippers rlz! xD!
Lol, Cinder is so cuteee xD
I love how much Danny looks in the last panel <3
Yeey in the begin I think that this was a copy of the style of rasputin, but after I read your explication and I am so pleased of dont stop to read this comic, I mean the characters are so cute xD and idk... as the story progresses I like more, and I think that this can be more that just a comic that looks like rasputin.

PD: have you thought about doing a crossover? even if only the funds e.e

PD2: idk very well write in english :3 sorry
idk english e.e
I really really love your comic <3<3<3
October 30th, 2011
OMG one of the best of the best of the best pages !!
The perspective is amazing e.e!! and the shadow (?) was scary D:
July 27th, 2011
I love this page <3
I love Luke I love Rasputin I love together <3 e.e
I just love their personalities and their reaction~
Omg Rasputin looks sooooo cuteee~~
and Luke ngdfgh <3 xD
I love your comic :3
sorry for my english