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Wows, I haven't been on in a while.



Um, well, I've been cut off internet at home to help me 'focus on my studies,' because getting a 'C' makes me a 'bad and irresponsible child'.

No worries! I'll get it back soon! My interet at school blocks a bunch of stuff though...
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I'll probably avoid drawing her in skirts, tho. ..
Momo can now have a fellow chinchilla friend.^^
I have pages to post, but my families moving soon, so I have been to busy with school and packing to post them.
The meeting stopped, and the students have yet to get to class.^^
September 8th, 2012
I spent about three minutes looking for the next page button before realizing it didn't exist.
September 8th, 2012
curse you Caelum, or eing so sexy.

I bet he could even make a straght man blush.^^
September 7th, 2012
Mute and Rune have to be the most awesome characters ever.^^
Your computer coloring is soooooo pretty...I luvs it!
If only mine weren't so fail...
YEAH! First comment!!!

He hesitated.
Aww, he does care.^^
YEAH! First story-page!!!^^
I can't tell which is cuter...that dog or Sergio...
*Looks at panel with Sergio holding the dog*
Soooooooo CUTE!!!!

*dies of cuteness overload*
Atepmting to pull down the skirt...
Momo: P-pervert!

Apparently, her tail lifts up her skirt in the back, no matter how long the skirt is. Putting a hole in the back wouldn't work either...since her tail is so fluffy and curly.

I did this just to see how she looked with colored-pencil instead of computer coloring...AND IT TOOK WAY LESS TIME!!!!

Maybe I just fail at computer coloring...
This took forever to color, btw...
It took hours, but she is DONE! I hate coloring on the computer, but I did it anyway. I wanted to make sure she looked awesome.^^

Name: Momo *'cuz she's round and fuzzy like a peach.*
Species: Chinchilla *she curls her tail because she thinks it's cute*
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Platinum blonde
Age: 16
Sexuality: Like a ruler. *straight*
Pet or Owner?: She's a pet.
History: Momo was a very domesticated, lovable little pet chinchilla...THEN she somehow turned human. Abandoned by her own family, she spent a long time wondering around until she found the Not Your Pet apartment building. Now she's moved in, and is very happy with her new life...
...But she still wears her coller in hopes that her old owners will come back for her.
Personality: Momo is nice, but get's scared easily. When cornered or surprised, she tends to lash out violently, then feel incredibly guilty about it afterwards. Momo enjoys cooking, wearing bows, and anything that's cute, even if the only person who think's it's cute is her. Momo is smart, and a fast learner, but she tends to jump to conclusions and get's easily confused. She's shy around new people, but when you get to know her, she's not only talkative, but very michivous. Chances are, she'll be getting into alot of trouble.
1:Momo is afraid of all big and/or carniverous animals/ anthromorps, and will run away the moment she sees one thinking that they are going to eat her. *which may actually be the case.*
2: The "their going to eat me" thought also aplies to chasing, or if someone runs towards her: She'll run off.
3: Momo's love of cutness aplies to people. *warning: children may be glomped*
4: Momo is a magical girl's anime outaku.
and last but not least...
5: Momo is only 5 feet tall.
May 14th, 2012
Aparently, Corrick saved him from almost walking off a cliff. I bet THAT left an impression.
May 14th, 2012
I would probably throw something heavier then a book...
May 14th, 2012
His eyes are soooooooooo glowy...
That chick is awesome.
I just found this, it's really interesting so far.^^
It looks like she's hiding an apple behind her back? It reminds me of the vocoloid song black vow...
Hikaru is by far my favorate character!!!
I hope to see more of her and her awesome-ness.^^
He doesn't seem very surprised that she's a girl, even though he's just heard her being called a 'she', for the first time.

*get's shot*