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I�´m a german comic artist :D
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December 6th, 2015
@Digitus: Not really a typo, I just didn´t know better *lol*
I´ll fix it soon.

Batman on the other hand is intentional. Because... well... He has a bat. So, in Emilys eyes he is Batman.
I´m not sure, if the joke works better or worse in english xD
In the original version, she called him "Fledermausmann", which literally translates to "Batman". Weeeeell....
November 17th, 2015
@ImmortalDreams: Daily update from now on =D I finally found the time to translate! Chapter 2 is complete ^0^ And I will try to get to Chapter 3 soon.
You can expect 3 Volumes (6 chapters each xD)! Mwahahaha.
November 18th, 2014
I´m so sorry! I REALLY AM!
I simply FORGOT the english version :,D
Updating now very often, to catch up with the german version... that now has 3 volume (6 chapters per volume xD)
@mk1: Actually, it was this doubt I implied to the readers, so they are doing it right here.I WANTED to split the opinion abput David, because... do YOU know, after 2 volumes if Emily can trust him? I dunno if you´re noticing it, but you are spoiling AGAIN.
@mk1: I never said, that he won´t speak french. But this "Souris de la nuit" didn´t make ANY sense, so I skipped it.
@mk1: Because it was stupid and didn´t make any sense.
@nerdypenguin: It dooooooes? Well,... why could it look like that? :D *thihihihihi*
@mk1: I am NOT absent here. mk1, stop posting things that you can´t know... ):
I already uploaded the whole chapter. It is possibe to set a date for when these pages are visible for the audience.
Just because I am at the Bookfair in Leipzig doesnt mean, that there won´t be any updates.

There are updates every monday and friday.
@mk1: PLEASE stop spoiling the readers who don´t know the story yet. It´s unfair. If you keep doing that I have to delete your comments.

About your question: Its not coal, its INK
@mk1: =_= mk1, ernsthaft... Ich muss JEDE Seite spiegeln, neu texten und das in 3 Sprachen, Band 3 zeichnen UND ich ziehe gerade um. Sei froh, dass es zweimal die Woche überhaupt n Update gibt. Es wird schneller gehen, sobald ich mit der gesamten Arbeit an Band 1 und 2 fertig bin, solange nutze ich den Puffer um regelmäßig upzudaten.
@mk1: "kaputt" is also used in the english language. Its not denglish, it is in fact correct. Even if it is unusual for a young girl to use that word.
February 26th, 2012
@FireBorg: Fun fact: They WILL go to the dentist in that story :D
February 20th, 2012
@MSD-Dutch: Uhm... I don´t understand that question... oO I draw... on paper? xD" *confused*
February 19th, 2012
@animevampiregirl25: I totally didn´t like Vampire Kisses xD (No Offense to the author, but the story was in my opinion really lame... but the drawings were nice xD)
February 17th, 2012
@FireBorg: Uhm... It is xD Keep in mind, that these pages I am now uploading are AT LEAST 4 years old :D" The previous pages were NOT another story :D

My skills have gotten and are getting better and better (Well, I hope so :P), so you´ll notice, that this is in fact, the same guy. "Back then" he didnt look anything like I wanted him to look like...
I hope you will notice an improvment... >< I definetly think there is one (just think about the previous pages I had uploaded :P)
February 17th, 2012
@Andrea C.Castro: I´m not into reading Online-Comics... ironically. And WHEN I´m reading some, then the ones I choose for myself ^^
February 17th, 2012
@mangalovr24: You´ll know if you read the latest news-post ^^
November 14th, 2011
@sneaky ghost: Haha, thank you very much :D I won´t quit this comic, since it´s a professional work for my publisher :) We wanted to spread the story as far as we could, so we decided to also upload it here for english-speaking folks :D
November 7th, 2011
If only her hair was long enough ;D