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I don't really come here anymore.
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Funny, I was thinking that Wiley saw something written on the wall that was interesting...
Third panel is best panel.
This is the only reason why I don't like spring.
And that is supposed to help HOW?
How realistic, everyone swears at my school... (Mostly in the locker rooms)
It's exciting because I want to know what Eric is playing.

<3 Panel 6. 'Nuff said.
Your husband looks happy.
I think I'm the only one here who doesn't really like Athena. :/
I used to have bunnies living at the side of my house, now I want those bunnies back... :(
I have one those in my backyard. Stupid gumballs.. :'(
Huh, my Oshawott evolved in the result of this gym. As for Burgh, I knew he was gay.
My sister claims that she was attacked by a bat once. Pfffft, yeah right.
Oh hey, Luffinpuff and Eric updated! I wonder what will- OH MY GOSH! *falls over*
My reaction to the 3rd panel: "Well, it's true!"