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It's Krio
Nice ta meet ya ;)
@pucha: Nox can be tryin to catch one of the fruits C: I have'ln't been on cause I'm gettin ready to go to art school but I'll be sure to make time soon ;3; I think it's just slow cause of the holidays.
December 9th, 2011
Omgomgomg it's sooo tense *A* IT'LL BE ALRIGHT CASHU &SHUN ;3;
Lol Exel is just like whatevs xD
@pucha: I actually can't wait til Eavan uses magic or Domi transforms <3
oh oho the more you flatter him the bigger his ego gets xD
Wolfish Nox is Wolfy
Lolol pretend that "now" doesn't exist in the bottom left panel ORZ;;
Nox takes serious Eavan seriously ohoho

Was debating on turning him into a leopard
But wolf won cause of the not having spots thing xD
Can't wait to make him a badger or a skunk xDD
Saddle up ya'll
There be bad people outside of town.
@SilverHyena: serious Eavan is such a force xD He's like a young master xD I've got the next page if no one minds !
December 6th, 2011
@NamiAne: Shun is so manly *swoons*
Never a dull moment in the DKxD
December 5th, 2011
Lmao @ the I am dragon xD
And it's awesome how it's a jewel with so many emotions!

What a cool family QAQ
@lexpallas: ohoho Nox is always right xD oh for future ref is the life contract a tattoo?
December 5th, 2011
Don't misunderstand Eavan
He doesn't mean you smell bad ;3;
And Koko is trying to imitate Snow by settling on Nox' head xD

Nox finds Domi quite suspicioussss
@lexpallas: lmao poor Eavan can't catch a break and apparently neither can Shram or Snow xD I've got the next page if ya'll don't mind <3
December 5th, 2011
@SilverHyena: you don't underdtand how adorable this page is ;A; ilu Eavan ;3;
Don't have time to shade and clean up
Like I usually do, but I wanted to get a page in today.
It's quick and messy but I hope it'll do ;3;
Domi has been spotted ohohoho ho
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

And lol sorry Silver, Eavan is always blushing so much whenever I draw him xD I need to give him more speaking lines;;;

My sketches are so messy ;;
December 3rd, 2011
@pucha: wohoho I agree with Silver! Things are so intense in the dark kingdom! Cashu your sister is kinda suspicious....
December 3rd, 2011
@SilverHyena: woops! I actually won't be able to upload a new page till tomorrow. So if you or Lex want to try at it be my guest C:
December 2nd, 2011
Lololol yeah more people In LK!!!
I'll take the next page if neither of you mind <3
And I think you did just fine C:
December 1st, 2011
Wohohoh congrats darlin!!! That really is something to be proud about! I tried it a few years back but got distracted 1/3 of the way through by drawing xD;;;; have a nice hibernation ! You deserve it ;3

And ilu Ten so cute ;3;
Lol finally some estrogen in the comic xD
Ohohoh I've the perfect place in mind!
And lol I've noticed the contrasts as well xD
November 30th, 2011
@pucha: lol Shun, you can't get out of it that easily :,D
@VikingScarecrow: QAQ thank you so much <333 and this comic is actually helping me out cause I've been umder major art block for lile the last 2 months. Updating regularly makes me want to see what'll happen with everyone and have Nox be a part of it all ;3; thus I force
myself to draw xD;;
@pucha: lmao xDDD Nox is a good gu- ......well Nox is acceptable.
November 29th, 2011
@Inxerene: T-those legs xDDD
Exel like the spotligh ahoohoho (~ ̄▽ ̄)~