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party on.
Oh god, it's so beautiful... I love it. Where's book three at, girl? I have a mighty need... :)
Damn this page makes me hurt. So gorgeous.
God! How could I have forgotten about this comic??? It's absolutely perfect. Got the ebook for volume 1, it's wonderful. Fabulous!
Kasey, you are perfect, and so is this chapter cover.
Yay! It's back! Love it!
heeey you're back! Yay!
ugh this comic is so freaking perfect.
Mmmmm me gusta. :)
OH MY GOD. Yes. I laughed for an hour. Fantastic.
These pages are fantastic! I love the bright coloring.
D: Don't do it, Jawn!
Poor Sherlock. He should really just bounce to number 7.
I am fine without animation, just give us more of the boys. <3
He's just jealous that someone else is getting attention. <3 Love this page, everything is so beautifully drawn!
!!! John! How scandalous.
Oh, poor John... Lol I love his "scar."
This is the greatest thing. The greatest. Thing. Ever.
Lol WHAT? Oh, my God, this is hilarious!
:( I am sad you aren't updating on SmackJeeves anymore. But that's all right, I will move to MyPoppedArt for this beautiful thing. :D
Time for Kaito to top again. ;)