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April Bouvier
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Hey sorry to the few fans that have followed this, I didn't mean for it to die out but other things came up and Life happened. But I do want to say I may be starting another comic sometime next year, I've been working really hard on it and I have a few things up about it on my deviant art @

Thanks so much for liking my work before and watching this comic, if you have any question leave a comment please!
@Raichi: I think it be awesome to restart the story me and yoshii came up with some good ideas for a new plot that should be a lot of fun, I'll get something written up here when I have time
sorry :(
yeah sorry for vanishing, life caught up with me and been going through difficult emotional times thats left me depressed. i'm sorry :[
@TCoatJackal: It's not the size it's how you use it ! XD
@TCoatJackal: what ya mean by hard core ?
Dat ass
your a big kid now! I talked to yoshii and he's been getting me back on track, this big thing that we're planning will take some time, depending on our available time, but I will try to get it done as quick as possible. You see this 'change that we're making so actually benefit the story and enrich it. then just having us wonder around some haunted mansion waiting to die. ..... ...
I know
I Know I know, and i'm not complaining of you bout more of the others who promised to post. Me and yoshii are working on something big but I lost a lot of my work, It was so frustrating... i lost all my steam now trying to recreate, my progress now is so slow , Sorry :(
no more pages yet :O
:D hehehehehehehehe..........
LARS is so cute
yeha I'm still interested. Me and yoshii are working on something special for us all, something to better this story, I don't want to spoil the surprise but please be patient :D I'mma working hard
:B thanksssss
@Raichi: Thankzzzzzz :D
not me
@Scooter-harts-salty: Imma take a break on posting, I like the comic but I would prefer to work on other things right not, I'll try not to post for a while
then that means he's the earth's equivalent of handsome manliness, to gorgeous for words! They should of sent a poet !!!!
@Scooter-harts-salty: thanks sorry it took me so long. I loved getting to draw Gile, he's so cute
♈ finally Done!
♈ Sorry it took for-evs
And honestly I think Aki might give a fuck, he's just having trouble expression it ♈
Your right, I just been feeling out of it lately cause of work, been very tired so it may take longer to complete the page now that it is pretty close to being done
I', annoyed I might take tomorrow for me to finish this page :D
I might have it done after work tonight !