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YO! I'm a student attending a sixth form colledge studying English lit, art, Philosophy and film studies. I dream to be a comic book artist or a writer!!!

I like Anime/manga, CSI/NY/Miami, House md, Qi, comic books, cartoons, music of all sorts and many other stuff ^_^

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    Sarah T
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Just fell across this comic and wanted to say i like it XD

and I vote Ursule :3
strippers? no? Damn... *goes back to watching RENT*
ooooh boy...
so many excuses, so little time...I had a major writers block, my college was mentally scewing me, several personal issues, blah blah blah...

I have been pencilling this comic, but never got round to inking it (as you can see it's a bit rushed) I'll try my best to continue!
LOL, that's exsactly what my brother would do XD

Just found this comic and now I intent to stalk it >:D
XDD I love the school counciler... especially the line in the 4th pannel X3
February 21st, 2008
O_O I remember having a counelor like that, only he had some weird voodoo doll instead >_>'

BTW Great page! XD *thumbs up*
*throws herself onto the floor and bowing crazily... just think of Ritsu's mother from Fruits Basket*

I know I've said this before, but I am really sorry about the sudden hiatus T~T
Exams came out of no where and mini drama's were being born every 5 seconds *sobs* I swear! I have been pencilling new pages but never got round to inking them... I'm sorry that all I can offer if an unfinished picture I did in art (when I should have been drawing a bowl of apples *sighs and shakes head*)

But I promise that the pages will be eventually made soon! ...I'll try not to stop again T_T *bows more*
I had laughed so hard when I saw this page! XD
Also on and extra note, today is my parents aniversery! :D plus my friend at school/college is getting married to her girlfriend ^_^ YAAAAYS! :D
Oh gods, I swear that school is going to be the death of me!!! X_x

Anyways, I'm sorry for the short hiatus, but I have mountains of homework and personal dramas in my life (yippie -_-) But I'll try and keep this comic going!
I'm sorry, I'm still penciling the next page >_< so mean time I drew this! I just felt like drawing Karis and Cherry as kids. I can just see it! Karis would always wear an animal suit (cause they're so cute X3) and Cherry would be the type of kid who was clumsy for awhile... just like me, only I still walk in to things or fall over O_O I don't think I'll be growing out of it anytime soon...
Sorry! >_<
School being a meanie *throws dynamite at homework* so for those who are still reading, heres two more pages! enjoy!
What's this? They're not making out? *GASP!* WHAT KIND OF FILLER IS THIS!!?

anyways, I'm sorry for not updating alot - blame school! *throws pencils at the mountain of homework* also I'm working on the next page so you'll be expecting another page soon ^_^
Yay for 100! XD

*stares at page and sufferes another attack of nose bleed*

*Faces explodes with nose bleed. after 2 minutes she crawls back to the computer* are so awesome ^///^
ARGH! hate this page >_< just ignore the fact that the bad guy has only one leg XD
Although I am proud of the first pannel ^_^
yes, I spelt coming wrong >_<
I'm starting school tommorow DX
Hopefully I'll keep up with this comic... providing that homework doesn't kill me first O_O
it means something along the lines of nerd/geek in japanese :)

I'm glad people are starting to like this comic XD
fear the background and drawing from hell! XD not so bad for a comic made on a car journey (hooray for boredom and yaoi!)