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that is a lot of bite marks
Space butterfly...
Ya'know that sounds like a certain someone I know from youtube... mainly the good sir at OMFGcata
It's fine it's all fine~ We will stay loyal for as long as it takes <3
Half and half with some dark~ Weeeeee have to say I like the sound of it considering my eyes work better at night and such, dark seems much more appropriate
Sorry </3~
I know how it feels to lose a beloved member of the family and I couldn't begin to think of how I would feel losing another, I am sorry for you loss. Take time to get well. Live long and remember all that s/he was
A wild guess
I'm going to say he will die or be near death the less cats he has near him... so that might be why he had the kid take one hostage
I enjoyed this arc a lot. Tons of emotion and thinking was put into it and it really brought out the characters in a new light <3
Well then...
That escalated quickly...

Love the comic~
What about a being of pure evil? halo or horns?
Well shit hit the fan is now running down the walls I guess
I know why hes doing it~
He comes from money and his dad wants him to take over and foster an heir to the company and blah blah money stuff blah blah he can't have kids with a guy and such~
Just saying this because I felt like it

The Rock (hes from Hawaii) is gay~ Loved hearing that when I went to Hawaii
Stabby stabby time? please say it's stabby stabby time XD
Is he going nutz?
December 24th, 2012
He seems happy~
It's perfect for christmas time though XD
a man?
I seriously didn't think that was a guy...
New person~
This is lovely~ I enjoy seeing new comics flourish
I'm sorry but are his feet swapped?
burn burn burn!