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i'm a fantasy lover over all, and i hope to be a successful writer someday
i really truly just love your art style with this. i'm so glad you continue it.

i'm wondering, is she going to have other pokemon too? and will loki ever evolve?
oh shit
XDD i love this teacher
oh god. this is just like one playthrough on FR, i was stalked by clefaires once, 4 encounters...
stay strong! ;n;
;n; oh baby....
he didn't have a choice! ;n;
i wonder if that holds some power over him he looked a little freaked out there for a moment
aw poor george ;n; i do like her more than kahn, but he doesn't seem to have much...personality wise. he's just a little...bland.
i bet he'll piss off the zubats... or they'll be blood suckers!! and team rocket! and cave ins! XD poor atty just can't have a normal calm journey can he?
nope never mind, feathers gets to live another day
bitch threaten my woman?!!
XD first thoughts that went through my head.

but dude, seriously, threatening a dragon is probably not the best choice to make...
feathers is going to die, i just know it.
XD lol slow, typical humans
i remember as a kid i was so disappointed that brock didn't follow me, the anime lied to me!!
yeah, i'd say they do.
look at brock in HGSS and the other gyms in kanto that you fight when you go there, they have pokemon that are Lv 50 and above.

also, in BW2 Cheren is a normal type gym leader, despite having a team in BW, which he probably still has.

so yeah, i'd say gym leaders have a separate team. and i'm ready to be done with these two -_-;
@Amare: oh duncan only alistair will have the pleasure of fully understanding and officially liking you
exactly how i feel -_- i want to murder Meredith half the time; Orsino can be pleasant at times
but they both give me a headache
no jordan no!!! you're like the only zebsrika that i like!! ;n; poor nina and mimi