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Just a 20 year old guy that loves to read interesting webcomics!
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Oh my God!
Dragonthing is a GIRL? :o
He whited out!
I can't believe it :P
So emotional man :')
This gym is more like a stick-up xD

I can't wait to see your original comic though :)
I think I prefer these penciled pages. Less work for you, more content for us!

Plus, look at the gradient on George's hair in the first panel! :)
It's not even listening :P.
Kahn is TOO fast!
Good luck with the rest of uni :)
People are way too persistent these days :P
They must have THE coolest hairstyles ever!
The best chain reaction I've ever seen in my life!
It's sweet that he went back for her :)
And your art has really improved since you first started this :O
Great page :)
It makes me think though...How long ago was FEL'S first bacon strip? :P
Well I mean...His CIGARETTES are in there!
Poor Mugger, always being moved around :(
I guess even Atty gets shaken sometimes huh?
And he was RIGHT about to turn his life around too :P
Freakin' hilarious!
You're SO good Al! I'm tweeting for sure :P
Little brother? Wow!
I never would've guessed!
Looks like Atticus us about to get....
At least Trix is really cute? :P