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FRECKLED WALLY <3 Yeah. I love this kid.
@andreya225: Everything...happens for a reason...
I'm proud of how that zigzagoon in the third panel turned out.

yessssssssssssss awesome!
agreeing with everyone here that that last panel is gorgeous
@arkcine: it's an inspiration party!
I saw a kid at the airport drawing a nuzlocke yesterday...inspired me to continue this...!
@CMOTsean: yup! though jason todd is the 2nd, not the 3rd Robin
i love this comic! Thanks for updating, hope you continue!!!
@SpiralPen: Yup...I'm sorry if this brings back horrid memories dude
This gym battle was unfortunately very, very very tough. I actually almost lost my whole team. I had to let Batman take a few hits and try to confuse Miltank, hoping all the while that rollout would miss. It didn't :C

RIP Batman

As usual, any tips/comments/critique on art, story, pacing, paneling/comic structure in general is extremely appreciated!
It took me longer than I thought it would :/ I didn't really have fun drawing this page so I just wanted to get it over with, so fck you backgrounds. I promise I will try harder next time, just feel so burnt out now askdjfnsadf
what a cuuuuuute doctor!
@MJM: Lol in real life I actually did waste hours on this game trying to get to the highest level T___T it's so addicting yet frustrating
@SassyThePokemonLover: Man, I wish I could get to level 10....I have a friend who did it. It's too freaking hard for me omfg
Made a conscious effort on those backgrounds! Yeah, screw bugsy I just wanna speed on through the story lol. So Jason actually has a crazy gambling problem.............
June 14th, 2013
I love this comic! Please continue!!
Hope you guys didn't forget about Silver's special....ability

Because Lottos35 said:
I'm gonna miss coloring with the nighttime color scheme! It was fun and fast ;u;

Anyways, a bit more on plot/character stuff before going back to the main story. Sorry for the wordiness and lack of funny blagh!!
@Silverfan: IT'S AN AMAZING SERIES!!!! <3