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I just wish I could make my own comics to contribute! But I love reading comics.
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This is my favourite page so far, Semicircles.
Is this Kiro?

Didn't Rain copy her notes at lunch in chapter three?
What is the "catch?"
@2die: Thank you. I was really shocked when I went to check your blog and there was a lock. QuQ
@Lady Of Crimson: Do you know the password for Semi/2Die's Tumblr? I'm so sad that I can't watch it. ;u;
What is that mysterious ticking noise? :T
I always forget that Friday is colour day b/c it's Saturday where I live.
I thought that sign said, "Happiness gives reason to fight." Goodness. 0_0
Oh my goodness! You're actually alive! I can't wait to see where this comic goes. It's so interesting. I really love it, I missed the updates for so long!!!
Your comics remind me of how people always tell me that my sister is really cool... because she's gay.
I like the hospital one.
If you did the "Monster under her bed" you could look into
Where are you?
I miss you. ):