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This account is owned by two people.
The artist is Matsu, and the writer is Take, thus Matsutake!

we currently have no avatar since smackjeeves rejects the ones i make *sob*
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    Matsutake Hairi
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@sisviss: currently, im kinda stuck with writing for chapter 4.. Actually, Matsu's been pretty busy with schoolwork, hence the "no-update-mode" of Oresama..but rest assured, we won't abandon Oresama until we're done with the whole story..I have lots of ideas for it, I just can't put it down on paper yet.. urgh!! *slaps self*
prices range up to $2000!
A very late Happy 2012 to all.. Matsu (is still very busy with school), and I'm just bein plain lazy. Hopefully, I'll be able to write new chapters to the story *praying that they'll be good*. Thanks much for supporting Oresama no Kanojo, and please continue
supporting it.

Oh, I just realized, this maybe my 1st official post here.. LOL

P.s. I hope Matsu won't mind me posting this here =3=
@Writing-Desk: What do you mean by .."isn't she exaggerating too much for a "normal" person?" =3
Matsuuu, can i take a break too?? -__-"
Hehhhhhh... *passes by* >3>
Hemm Hemmm...*passes by* =3=
Mah fave page..:P
Hi yah..this is Take here.. publishing? dunno//who would publish this anyway?
Will make another account,...later (when i feel like making one) *eats a cookie*
P.s. Why are yah thanking sounds weird//muahahahahha
*wakes up* huhnn??? Did someone call for mee???
- @*Suki* - ooohhh!! thank you..we were definitely aiming for the *refreshing* feel..
lol very first filler,hehe

and also, we might change the title of the comic to oresama no kanojo in the future (maybe next week xD)
Thanks to my friend M-1nG for pointing it out~

I'm still discussing it with the writer (whilst resisting the urge to beat someone up) xDDD
TAKE: and who is that certain someone?
we are so inconsistent hahaha OTL my drawing style would probably change in the future...

and LOL! Im surprised we have 23 fans~ I never thought we'd reach 10 in the first day ; u ;~ Thank you~

Here is a filler with the main protagonist, Mitsunari Haruna. See yah guys next week~

@ayanechan - xD thank you!!! ;u; its ok, im glad we even reached 20+
@katsumi - Im glad someone noticed :D thank you!!~
@AqoCJeyBee - ah, i do use a tablet, that's when i do the screentones and PS edits.

TAKE here! Konnichiwa-minna! *bows* seemed like my bad japanese is even reflecting on the bad and thanks for pointing it out..really..thankyouuu!!! >3<

@angelbliss - hehe...maybe that's coz people who lead normal lives are the ones who want to have the greatest adventures of all (even just through manga) *reality bites* |||OTL
yup! a 0.1 and 0.05 uni pin, a 0.3 gel pen and a double tip fine marker.

nope~ uhh, that would probably take a long time OTL
Yup! That's how it is. Most of my tones, and some BGs are from the software: Mangastudio (tho i only use it to get BGs and special tones like sparkles and flowers); some simple shades are done by using the bitmap option on gradients.

here's a small collection i have on deviantart:

and i also DLed some tones here:

although, I rely heavily on MS and PS.
About the cover
And so its official! After months (not really) of perusing over how wrong my japanese is.. we've changed the title to Oresama no Kanojo.. thanks to the helpful someone (you-know-who-you-are) who helped us (me) realize, how grammatically incorrect the title is! Muhahahahahhaa! Thank you! And keep reading! (we have cookies)
respectfully (lol), TAKE


YALLO! Its me, MATSU again~
My writer "Take" still hasn't seen these pages...and last time we agreed on a cover and what it will look like....|||OTL THIS DOESN'T LOOK LIKE WHAT WE AGREED AT ALL. (TAKE: TRUE!!)
hahaha~ I'm very inconsistent like that =v="" (TAKE: I am inconsistent too)

THANK YOU to those who added us to their faves~ Its much appreciated! How'd you guys stumble upon this page anyway? and what powerful force of nature led you to click that banner? xDD

also thanks for the ratings~ ; u ;
comments, questions,suggestions and violent reactions are pretty much welcome!
TROLLS not allowed xD

So yeah, the writer TAKE is finally here..Lol, the cover page is sooo sparkly, my eyes hurt >.<.. thank you so much for reading this,..*trying to be formal while feeling like a teenager who saw Justin Beiber for the first time inside* LOL
ahaha~ what is this...a kiss?! >.<

Last page for this week, hopefully its enough to satisfy you guys and my writer xD (Yes, two people own this account)

Take: Lol at that bloody kissu
dat face xD


Finally, im present..its okay Matsu, loved dat face..muhehehehe..which face are u talkin about anyway?

@Kazekami: good point! xDD
; u ;
@Nym.Katharina Thank you!~ x3

@AqoCJeyBee: Hello~ Its okay to ask questions~ I don't bite xD and I use Photoshop CS4 for toning and my lines are done traditionally.
and THANK YOU! Glad you think so~ ;u;~

ahh btw, questions will be answered in the authors comment xD