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Just a 20 year old student. I like to draw (and I like gay guys), that's mostly why I'm here. Not quite good enough to draw my own comic yet though. But one day, when the university isn't killing my hobbies... (mhuhahaha)
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@Hatter09: maybe he drops it so often he needs the indestructibility
Noooh Vanilla baby, why do you have to mess with the wrong people! >< just.... don't die
July 24th, 2017
I guess good looks can get you far :P
this is so good ><!
They look good togehter :)
Ooh, I like it! just have a thing for bad personality (traits)
October 24th, 2016
Get well soon! :) I hope Tisik will make it through. It would be so nasty if he died after surviving the fight ><
June 4th, 2016
I can't find the fovourite button!
June 4th, 2016
I love the humor in this comic. The jokes are just too good! And the art is also nice <3
@Misfit_Mimi: What is your Icon guy though? He looks much better than ren :D I love the crazy type
This is beautifull :P everybody stop and stare :)
February 27th, 2016
well, Des looks happy to be saved :P
Amazing page as always. I love how evil Vanilla looks here :D
January 29th, 2016
Valiant has the "oh god I killed that kid's parents"-look nailed :D wonder what is actually going on in his mind. And it just mean how I start loving Cameron more and more >< Poor fella
January 28th, 2016
I'm so happy you're having fun with this again! That's the most important thing for an artist in my opinion. <3 And your characterrs definitely deserve some love :D
I really like this scene because of all the tension <3
January 26th, 2016
wow, beautifull page <3
yup, They sure have a good taste in men :D She doesn't look to shabby herself either <3
OMG, vanilla looks so sexy in the fist panel <3
January 25th, 2016
@Hokova: I know right :'). Even without him though, I love this comic so much. It's amazing!