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Awwwww he's sooo cute <3
you make me want to draw cute things
I think you should draw Dake trying to pet Cain (in his bunnyish form) and Tommy in the backround freaking out and trying to stop him xD

That would make me lol I am loling from just thinking about it xD
This is sooo cute <3

And yes I agree, I also hate college.
Lol xD I love the faces Dake makes!

*shoves a dollar down Dake's pants* Here you go <3
Well I'm still Alive, and we need to keep this collab alive. Here is a pic that started just as Eric and then grew into me drawing many of the characters in this collab xD
xD poor Kenta he has no key.

Hmm I've been wondering something who is rooming with who? It would help with making more pages if I knew who was were. xP
sorry for killing his body, it's almost 1 am, and I was re-reading some of this collab and wanted to draw I did.
Oh no! She found out D:
In another Collab i'm in we are cosplaying as our characters so I did one for Kyle, may do one for eric later ^.^
Lung doesn't seem to care that they are both semes.
sooooo cute! <3<3<3
Can't wait till Eric meets him *smirks sadistically*

Eric-"What why can't you wait for me to meet him?"

You'll see ^.^
poor Fleur Richard is just being mean xD
What is Bob Evan's?
I've never heard of it....
I'm sorry your manager was being a bitch. I had a manager that yelled at me and called me stupid infront of customers I quit a few days later, and I drove by where I used to work and I laughed sooo hard when I saw that it had gone out of business xD I was really happy about it.

By the way I love his smirk ^o^
Ali you should have checked the other Kyle post xP
I explained that I no longer get inspiration to draw Edward and I have to force myself so it's not fun anymore. But I accidentally came up with Kyle and ended up loving him ^.^
awww Richard has a soft side.
Okay so a little info about Kyle

Name: Kyle Eastwood
Sex: 100% male
Hair: Blonde with red tips
Eyes:lime green
Your probably all wondering wtf you already have two characters. Well truth be told i've gotten bored of Edward...every time I try to draw him I hit a wall. I've been thinking about getting rid of him but a few days ago I was bored and randomly drawing a picture for my little sis and I came up with Kyle and I ended up loving him so I redrew him and still loved him. So Edward is no more but my lovely Kyle is here to stay.