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I love to draw, take care of my animals and do various other interesting things :D
July 22nd, 2013
Welcome, and behold the cover art for Inritus! This story is something that I have been trying to get going since I was twelve (I'm not joking) I have been starting and re-making it over and over, lets hope this time I can keep it going X3
August 30th, 2012
Hello there guys, here is the first page of -Sand-! I hope you enjoy it, even if you are a little like "wtf?" soooo yeah XD

August 30th, 2012
Hello everyone and welcome to -Sand- This is the cover page and I hope to throw up some pages as soon as I am able. I just posted this here to liven up the site a bit.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are just as excited as I am for my new webcomic -Sand-

This isn't a 'life' comic but I thought it was funny XD

Mutt (C) to me
Nubs (C) to my friend
lol what
The wolf represents friends and family

Help me.....
Many do not know this but I cannot scream at all. If my voice goes above a level less than monotone its a miracle (or I am just really excited or angry) even then it kills my throat to shout in anyway and even when I do shout its not very loud at all. The only thing that really frightens me enough to scream is bugs, when I see a roach this sound comes from my throat that sounds like a 100 year old chain smoker just had a stroke. Hnnnnggghhee

So yeah, don't try to scare me. You wont get a scream, but you will get a swift punch in the face.

Jesicat © to me
March 11th, 2012
The only CSI I liked was CSI: Las Vegas and they got rid of my favorite character. I totally rage quit. I HATE CSI Miami....fucking Whoreacio and his gay ass sunglasses. I don't watch any CSI anymore unless its the old episodes with Grissom in it.

Jesicat © to me
You need that thing...that holds your head up. This was an actual conversation I had with my friend over text.

Im not all that great at thinking....

Jesi (C) to me

Bear (c) to my friend
Happens all the time
This happens to me all the time but the latest one was the worst I have had in a while. Glad my sister was driving or there would have been blood all over my cars steering wheel.

Exaggerated expressions, accurate amounts of blood.

Jesicat (C) to me
Nice comic, keep it up :D
Haha whut
Sorry for the lack of pages people but I am fighting off some of the worst art block I have ever had. So bear with me, pages may be few and far between but the comic hasn't died. I tried some new things and changed the font. What do yall think?
Man Moca has good aim O3O anyway, sorry for the long delay on this but I was fighting artblock....then I was fighting illness with artblock and it was just not a good mix. I'm finally fighting off the artblock funk so thanks for being patient :3
Artblock WUT?
Totally suffering from artblock right now.....yeah.
Oh geez
The faces XD poor Poison....and Poor Moca. Early update cause I will be gone all weekend, and on my way back I am picking up my co-writer Candy so she can spend a week with me, Rock on, a week full of MWM ideas lol.

Thanks for reading!
I really love that car but its just a pain in the ass to draw. I think I have, maybe two more pages with the car in it @-@ Also...Moca is a little bit of an asshole XD
Blud Info
Blud is 25 years old and is a librarian. His apartment was a gift from Kitty and his car was a 21st b-day present from Moca. Moca is the rich one :3
Yes, yes, yes!
I FURKING love lambo's :3 In case you were wondering, yes I do play NFS: Most Wanted and I do have a Lambo that looks like this :D (in the game of course)

The symbol on the front is Bluds tattoo that he has on his lower hip.
I now officially hate tile and hope I never have to draw Blud's bathroom EVER again.
Overall I really enjoy that page, Look at that fancy glass balcony...and that Manly Hair Dryer...Shnazzy.
Speech Bubbles
Look at dem shiny new speech bubbles! Aren't they great?

Also, can't you tell that all these guys just LOVE one another :3
His name is indeed Moca, Moca Cuppachino to be exact X3