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Hello, everyone!
Thank you so much for dropping by!
You can find more about me here: (I'm trying to spread the information out so that it's not too much to read)

Writing has always made me happy. I was, as my mother puts it, a "unique" child. I kept to myself a lot, I was quiet, and I just tried to be peaceful and not cause problems... Long story short, because of situations going on involving my birth father (my mother is now married to a wonderful man who loves her and treats us all fantastic!), I needed an outlet, an escape, and writing became mine the same way it has benefited so many others! When I was eleven the first major publication happened, one of my poems was published in an international magazine.

I love making people smile! That's a big part of who I am, I just try to be there for people, because someone was there for me. Also, I make custom smackjeeves layouts, so if you would like one, message me.
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I bet he's evil as all heck! But I like his horsey.
Sorry about the long hiatus! We've got so much going on! PHXComiCon was a BLAST! I met a lot of great people, saw a lot of amazing photos-- it was fantastic! I'm going to give a Full Report in the News Section within a few days! If you were there, let me know! And if you have any pictures, I'd love to see them! I was stuck at my table for the entire thing, so I love to see photos and hear stories!
I do love the "I'll fight you!" look he has, despite being tied up XD
Poor prince.
Reign is such a character, I cannot wait to read more!
THUD! Poor handsome prince!
So cool! She put him to sleep, but I am so intrigued to see what that mark will do!
Oh wow! You draw the spell so amazingly well!
Smart boy! Let's see where this leads...
hehe, he and Hunter have the same opinion of being purchased XD

My my, dear prince. For someone with such a pretty face, you sure do have a dirty mouth.
So, the goblins sold him?


...Then again, we get this shirtless scene from it... purrr
Oh no! They caught the prince!
Oh no! They're small, but those little beasts are terrible!
And that prince was a handsome devil.
Happy Easter, everyone.
|| _ _ _ _|| ___ _ _ ||
|| | | |/ \| \ \ \/ / ||
|| | | ' | '_/ '_/\ / ||
|| |_|_|_|_|_|||_| /_/ ||
||___ _ ___||___ __ ___ ||
|| _|/ \/ _/_ _| _| \||
|| _| ' |__ \| || _| ' /||
|| || ||
|||\ \ || ||
||; \ ; ||_ ||
|| \| | _.|| ``''-. ||
||\ | | _." .||-""-_) `) ||
||_) `" .-.||`` _.-' ||
|| ( ||--'` ||
|| ' . | || ||
|| () \ || .-. ||
||\/_ | ||' _;\ ||
History can be a downer, at times.

Thank you readers! Love the comments, sorry for the slow updates! Trying to keep up our buffer so Ally has time to spend with her newborn baby girl!
Sophie's Choice is a term now used to mean a hard/life altering decishion. A decishion with two negative outcomes, either way.

The origin, as many of you know, comes from Sophie's Choice, a 1982 American romantic drama novel turned movie. In that story, Sophie is given a choice of which of her two children will be sent to the labor camp, with the other being sent to the gas chamber right then and there. By who? The Nazi's of course. Damn them.

If she does not choose, both children are sent to the gas chamber. After crying that she couldn't do this, she couldn't choose, those damn Nazi's start dragging both kids to the gs chamber, when Sophie suddenly cries out for them only to take her daughter... figuring the young girl would die a terrible death in the labor camps anyway, she had the hope her older child, her son, would be able to survive.

This is that type of choice (almost). Give up the water will kill the animals, but you've spent days without water as it is... how long will you live without it? The only benefit is, either way, you don't have to live long with the guilt.
Site issues lasting over a month, yikes! Basically, whenever I try to upload a page I get a 404 error! Hopefully we can get back on schedule soon, but these next few pages will be jpg's instead of PNG's, just till we figure out what is preventing the higher quality from being loaded. Once we have it sorted, I'll upload higher quality pages.