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And the Story Continues
Chapter Summary:
Sinne and Illyana need some cash (and a ride) so they take up the offer of an eccentric young man to kill two birds with one stone--and maybe kill a man too... Having struck the deal of a...well maybe not lifetime, Sinne and Illyana get some rest for the adventure ahead. As Illyana sleeps, she dreams of a very familiar face in a very unfamiliar place. Mind readers as far as the eye can see, and trouble peeking around the corner. We get a little backstory, and perhaps a few more questions. Place your bets on the baby fights!

DYK: You can actually purchase the first two chapters of Minds Intertwines? The first chapter is completely free, and you can get them both on my gumroad! Also there, the finished product of my previous Webcomic: Cold Space. Feel free to check it out~ ---> <---
Pleasure Doing Business
-with you, you lovely viewers!

This is the end of the chapter, but they only get longer from here.
I'd like to say the art improves from this point on, but I'll leave that
up to your discretion. Other than that, I really hope you enjoy this comic!
It's the first one I've posted here since about 2016, so it honestly feels
quite good to be back vuv
Y-Yes, "blood."
I've definitely improved since then, but we wont be seeing blood again for a while.
Ahhhh it's been so long! I've finally caught up~! Your art is still beautiful, even more so in fact! Keep up the good work, I wish you the best in your endeavors and personal life :)
Every wonder how Kyanite and Ametrine met? Well, here was a short taste of what went down~!
Tourmaline is the fusion of Kyanite and Ametrine, but meet Tourmaline! She's not a fusion, just a cutie~

Tourmaline belongs to:
Kyanite and Heliotrope are about to "Mash it up!"
Fused together, they make Amazonite, a giant nerd of a soccer mom.

Scene 1 by me -
Scene 2 by
@redleaveshavefallen: Yay!! You're welcome~!
I had so much fun drawing Heli, she's so adorable! I'm so glad you like it :D
And here is the first of many(?) short comics with my Gemsonas Kyanite and Ametrine. This comic also features Heliotrope, a lovely gemsona by this lovely person here:

She shall also be posting comics here on occassions~!
Send her some love, and I hope you enjoy!
I hope you guys had a great Halloween!

You can see these illustrations by themselves here if you'd like:
Look in her eyes (don't try her)
Who you calling a jerk, jerk?
Nah, she didn't mean for it to sound that bad.
100% reason to remember the name
Awkward Silence
For the record, she doesn't live in any canonical Region, but it's an island way off, out past Unova. Her mother however is living in Hoenn, in Floaroma Town.
Don't let her appearance fool you, her neighboor is like 30 yrs old...
Technically, if you're reading this on a Wednesday, Mom is right.