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Happy New Year, Thanks so much for reading~!
MI's Tumblr:
Thanks so much for reading~
MI's Tumblr:
Caught Up!
Sure hope he tipped well...

Anyways, we've finally gotten all caught up with the parent site! 🎉 (I think...that was supposed to happen yesterday, but uh, I digress-) So now Minds Intertwines will be going back to it's original schedule (as stated on the home page) of at least one page every Wednesday. If you're a Patron of my Patreon however, you'll be able to see pages days in advance and even get access to a private discord server (among other things)! So, if you're interested in that kind of thing, well... *wink wink nudge nudge*

And speaking of tips, if you're unable to hang with Patreon, but still want to support the comic, perhaps monetarily? There's also a Kofi, where you get art just for donating and get placed in a monthly art raffle. So, I'll leave those below. Otherwise, I thank you so much for sticking around, I hope you're enjoying the comic so far!

MI's Tumblr:
Tyler makes another come back, and belongs to my bud Gol
Catch him at and
Ooh who's that?
Two pages in and we've already got trouble.

And we've got another honorary MR this chapter!
Thanks to Fire for allowing me to borrow their boy, Sam.
Check them out on here:
Extra extra, read all about it! My comic that is~
I'll be posting one page a day until the 26th.
That's when we'll be back on the original schedule of one page a week every Wednesday!

Hope you understand, and thanks for reading!
And We're Back!
Chapter Summary:
Previously, Sinne and Illyana met and became employed by a young (?) man who goes by the name of, Mr. E. Appointed to be his "Watchdogs" for the time being as they travel into the next city, they strike a deal with this shifty character to get more money than previously offered. What seems like an easy job might just come back to bite them in the rump, however. What could this man be hiding?
I would like to give a special shout out to my best friend Chibby for helping out with the cover for this chapter.
I commissioned her to sketch out our two protagonists here for the wanted poster so they'd have a unique appearance separate of my own style, and she did a magnificent job. It was plenty fun lining her art.

You can find her here: |
And remember, by becoming a patron of my Patreon (! ) you get to see pages early, can gain access to the Minds Intertwines discord, and even get monthly commissions!
Chapter End
And that's the end of Chapter Two.
Now we're on to the next (and almost caught up at that.)!

I'd like to say thanks once again to the following for allowing me to borrow their characters:
Gol |

You too can have a cameo of a character--or even yourself, by becoming a patron of my Patreon:! You get to see pages early, can gain access to the Minds Intertwines discord, and even get monthly commissions.
Someone's lurking
Someone's peeking around the corner...and there's some Honorary MR's as well!

Buds Tyler and Silvio belongs to my bud Gol
Catch him at and
Honorary MR
So now's the time to shout out!
This chapter is full of "Honorary Mindreaders" in the background.
I'll be crediting them accordingly throughout the pages and at the end of the chapter.

Delphi belongs to Masu!
Check out their work here:
Smackjeeves Exclusive??
I realized I shoulda put the summary here, whoopsie!
This recap page was previously pdf exclusive, I honestly forgot that it was...there.
I'm still figuring out format, I might move it, but until then, enjoy!
And the Story Continues
Chapter Summary:
Sinne and Illyana need some cash (and a ride) so they take up the offer of an eccentric young man to kill two birds with one stone--and maybe kill a man too... Having struck the deal of a...well maybe not lifetime, Sinne and Illyana get some rest for the adventure ahead. As Illyana sleeps, she dreams of a very familiar face in a very unfamiliar place. Mind readers as far as the eye can see, and trouble peeking around the corner. We get a little backstory, and perhaps a few more questions. Place your bets on the baby fights!

DYK: You can actually purchase the first two chapters of Minds Intertwines? The first chapter is completely free, and you can get them both on my gumroad! Also there, the finished product of my previous Webcomic: Cold Space. Feel free to check it out~ ---> <---
Pleasure Doing Business
-with you, you lovely viewers!

This is the end of the chapter, but they only get longer from here.
I'd like to say the art improves from this point on, but I'll leave that
up to your discretion. Other than that, I really hope you enjoy this comic!
It's the first one I've posted here since about 2016, so it honestly feels
quite good to be back vuv
Y-Yes, "blood."
I've definitely improved since then, but we wont be seeing blood again for a while.
Ahhhh it's been so long! I've finally caught up~! Your art is still beautiful, even more so in fact! Keep up the good work, I wish you the best in your endeavors and personal life :)
Every wonder how Kyanite and Ametrine met? Well, here was a short taste of what went down~!
Tourmaline is the fusion of Kyanite and Ametrine, but meet Tourmaline! She's not a fusion, just a cutie~

Tourmaline belongs to:
Kyanite and Heliotrope are about to "Mash it up!"
Fused together, they make Amazonite, a giant nerd of a soccer mom.

Scene 1 by me -
Scene 2 by
@redleaveshavefallen: Yay!! You're welcome~!
I had so much fun drawing Heli, she's so adorable! I'm so glad you like it :D
And here is the first of many(?) short comics with my Gemsonas Kyanite and Ametrine. This comic also features Heliotrope, a lovely gemsona by this lovely person here:

She shall also be posting comics here on occassions~!
Send her some love, and I hope you enjoy!