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Windows with spikes instead of glass in houses are not better. I just recalled one dialog with Carver/Gamlen/Leandra. And she/he said that she/he was going to close the window... I was like, "What? There's only spikes"
I always wondered who was the architect of Kirkwall... Because he must be crazy. I mean, the city is just impossibly dangerous to live. Even walls want to kill you! *and these mobs in the night too*
Hah, I'd love to romance Sebastian but his appearance... Blue eyes AND red hair... AHHH!!!!
Well, at least he's sane. Only sane RI
Well... "the sanest"?
Everybody is insane in Kirwall... and bi (c) Varrik
Oh Gamlen... Who's cuddly little thing? Yes, yes... you're!
What? I named my dog Gamlen :D
Poor Hawke... everyone around him dies
Really... Hawke's Family... It's just one painful thread...
Mom... Carver... Sister... And they told us we would love Hawke family as our own
Sexy and horny! Why no Qunari romance?!
Hahah! That
s why we can not pick Arcane Warrior!/Battle Mage!
Well, Arishok had a thing about Hawke. I mean... What has she done to get such attention? Especially pacifist Hawke
And why does he keep asking her opinion? What about Meredith, Orsino or Dumar?
I feel incest!..
Ahh, why can't we romance him? I know he's brother but... Awwww
I want to! I want to! *hand up*
Waaaaaittt... *looks ar corpses around* No, I don't want to!
Yep, if they made something like a quest about band's fights there Hawke enraged all groups it would looks logical...