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I collect ladybugs. I love Yaoi and really anything that has to do with Romance in general. I'm 19 years old. I love to take photos and write short stories. I can't draw to save my life. I hope someday to create a comic to put on here. =D
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@fujo/funda: Hahaha! That is so true! But- still. Completely different.
I just binged read this...and I'm already in love! This comic is so amazing and I simply love the art style and the story itself! I simply cannot wait to read more!
@Lucid: I sent you an Email. I hope you got it!

- Also I love the look on Gannet's face in- I believe 4. It's so cute. The look of surprise.

Love always your faithful Bug,
@Scorpio730: They need to work on those communication skills... TAKE A COMMUNICATION CLASS!...or something? Or learn to use those mouths for something...besides bedroom things. XD
I totally agree!
@b3nc0: They do! Hahahaha! Gannet is dumb about feelings and Bailey is Dumb about relationships and how they work...and actually they are both dumb about that stuff... NEVERMIND! THEY ARE BOTH BIG DUMBOS!
February 3rd, 2017
Every time Jen Coughs I start to panic. I am starting to wonder what is wrong with his lungs...

I hope its not anything too too serious but- at the same time- I'm like "It probably is- why else is this comic called lungs then?" >.<
I have been really busy with work so I didn't get a chance to post on a few pages back but- Herz is not trash. :/

And post for this this page- Jura would be a wonderful nurse! I think he would be very caring and would try his best to help. He seems to help a lot with Herz. Maybe he should look into that?
@vcrocky: I would recommend reading reading Boy lessons though to get a feel of the characters and who they are though. But you don't HAVE too. They are like Milk Assassin said- two independent stories, but the characters are the same.
Good luck on your exams! We are all cheering for you. <3
I think it's sweet that Ryuuta wants to fight it and is willing to put his name on the line for him. But It is Aki's choice, and Ryutta needs to respect that.
Welcome back!
Welcome back! I am so sorry to hear that you got sick when you returned home from your vacation! I got sick when I returned my my vacation this year too!! :( I went to Otakon and returned sick with a horrible cold. (Summer colds are the worst) - But I hope you are feeling better! Please do not push yourself! Take your time with drawing till you feel better. The page is beautiful like always. I'm excited to see what happens. >//< Death...oh gosh...that doesn't sound good. I don't believe I have ever comment on here shyly.) Hello.
I agree
I agree with Truelieslost. I would want to tell the person I love most as soon as it happens so it won't just be me suffering. And then Kaidou won't be angry for at him for not telling him when it happens. When things like this happen it's best to just come out and say it. I don't really want there to be fighting later on that Aki held and hid something like this from Kaidou. Aki is hurting and really should are this with Kaidou. Even if it is over the phone. It can't be helped. :(
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that Aki got fired. Sadly in the states this is still possible. :( I'm not sure in Japan though. But I know it's sad. But I personally feel for him. As I mentioned on the last page he's facing my greatest fear. I just want to give him a hug. He got fired because of who he is. It's not fair and it's not right. We just want to be welcomed and told that we are okay and accepted. We shouldn't have to change who are are to be accepted by people. Nor are we going to. And really we can't. We can't change we we are sexually attracted to. And people like myself who have a learning disability can not change that. We can hide them, yes. But the reality is- we still have them. We face the fact that people like the boss are going to hate us. They are going to find us gross and horrible. But you know what- as long as Aki, and people like me- know that WE ARE NOT horrible, we aren't less of a person and are NOT gross- then I think the struggles we have to face are going to be hard and scary- but they will make us better people. Our roads aren't gonna be straight. They may be curvy and a bit bumpy. But as long as we continue down them and have people support us and love us for who we are and have support systems. Then- we can break down the road blocks (being the boss in this case) and jump over that and get back up on our feet and be like "YES. I am gonna rule this. Nothing is gonna bring me down. You can't stop me." and walk away. It's gonna sting like a busted up knee. But keep walking. Keep moving. I'm sorry this message got really long. But Again I want people out here that are reading this to know that it's gonna be okay. If you wanna talk I'm here- send me a private message. I'll always an open ear...I'll try my hardest to be a friend. Because I understand. I'm not gay but I'm facing people who judge me too. It's hard. And it's frustrating. But I'm here for you. ^_^
Still stand up
I like that he actually stood up.

He's actually stand up for his rights. Not sitting down. He's up. He's standing. He's not going to let the words get him down. Hopefully. Words do hurt. I hate that Aki has to face this too. Being special education I have faced being called Gross and stupid all the time. My greatest fear is what Aki is facing right now. Someone telling me I can't work because I have a disability. Aki please tell him that's wrong. Please tell him that just because you are different doesn't mean that you are any less of a hard worker then any other worker. Please. Please don't let him get to you. You are a hard worker. You can do what you want. Learning disabiltiy, and gays and anyone else that faces a chance of being told "You are less of a person because of who you are" - I want to know that we can still stand up for ourselves and tell them No and know in our hearts- our own hearts that we are NOT less of a person. Aki said it himself. He doesn't think he is. I'm very happy he thinks this. Still we stand up for ourselves besides being pushed down. We have to keep getting back up, right Aki?
@AnimatedPanda: WOW! That was a lot of reading!!! Welcome to the family! :D I must honor you for reading that in two days. Holy cow. That is...a lot.
It really does hurt to be hurt by someone you love. That guy with the glasses is really cute. :3 I wonder if we will see more of him. He also seems very friendly.

I'm alittly worried about Aki though. I hope that lady at work- the one that left a few pages back won't get him fired or anything. It would be a shame.
I also hope that these harsh words don't get into Kaidou's head and cause him to want to break out with Aki. :( This just keeps getting sadder and sadder in my brain. But Hopefully it all works out....I hope.
Awful woman
Awful woman. She is awful rude toward Aki and toward her child. Her child is really confused and upset at why she just threw his favorite toy in the trash. He really likes Aki and is probably very confused as to why she is being mean to him.
@JinxazuMarai: I would love to see that as well. XD
Kaidou-...he has such a serious face on...
HISAWA!!! I MISSED YOU!!!! T_T Yes...I guess it would be a shock to see that your fellow employee has a huge scar across his face when you normally see him with out it... um...I wonder how Aki is going to explain that or if Hisawa is gonna let it drop...I'd be like "Um..scar..face...I'm confused.."
@PoynterJones: No...I had a spazzy moment too. :3 Its okay. She does draw simply beaufully. I'm normally way to shy to comment. T_T; I just sit here and stare at her are in awe and freak out at her amazing love story and how wonderful these heated moments look. ((Never want them to end!))