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@RyakLo: no kidding! Still, love the story, thanks for the response
Love the comic! Just powered through the whole thing over the last few days. Just curious, is there any sort of in universe guide I might of missed, about characters, powers, races, that sort of thing?
@Haffel: calm down you're going to far by calling her a terrible person
golets name is from elder scrolls right?
here ya go
Oh No...
I don't really like Zebstrika myself...but you made them seem so cool with Jordan. A moment of silence for our fallen comrade
Thats brutal son
I love this comic but are we ever going to see anything in the other ace of abra strip?
Not Ipos :(
so wait, did you just skip the fushia city gym altogether...
did i miss the page where your darumaka evolved???
I got so upset for a split second!!!
why does it look like there are the body parts of other pokemon around charmanders head in the last panel?
wow was not expecting that...
You gotta go after mewtwo!!!
glad to see an update from you. was seriously missing this comic!!!
Do you have a comic to go along with losing your past team? I'd love to read that story as well!!!
This comic looks so awesome! I wish it was still going strong!