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a person who can get bored very often and has just begun spriting
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>Go drown yourself in the water.
> Take a minute to draw a moustache on yourself
@Fusion In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon logic, hyperbeam WOULD work on a ghost type, it would just do little damage :3
And to all a goo- wait, do the elves get paid? In fact if they don't get paid, does that mean the bad guy was actually an activist trying to save the elves from no pay?
i just realized now why those 4 particular stages were short ._.
>test your floating powers by floating into the ceiling with some hope of breaking it
> wish for a taco, break it in half and use it as legs
If you think he's unleashing fishy wrath on you, then wait till you reach *gets shot by dr. wily*
>kick the hat off, knowing full well it's a spy in disguise
>fall while praying you will be safe and not killed by the sword you dropped
> threaten to eat their souls if they attack you're saying THIS doesnt exist?
> wish to get out of the chamber with a side of cheese
>see if there's any power to use the computer
> throw the enemy at the door
Well, some people should know how talentless idiots think its such a good idea to steal even though it could lead to them being sent to jail for theft but don't care anyways, or he could possibly be someone who has somewhat of a grudge against you...or just a stupid troll
> wear the dead enemy as a coat
>step on the monster's back