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Oh my! I share my birthday with one of my favourite artists. Exiting!
Wll that is... "handy"..
*crickets chirping*
I loved your story. I would love having the pleasure of reading a sequel.
You deserve it.
He is a looker. 0-0
And take all the time you need. You deserve a break , especially at the rate you pump out pages. Your work and health are always most important. :3
Regular Show
Panal two reminds me of Mordecai and Rigby.
That nipple.
I feel ya Aki, nothing better than a snuggle with your man to make you feel warm :3. where I live it's -32C up here in Canada to go with my foot and a half of snow... D:

Scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see it on the donation picture. :)
December 20th, 2013
After A LOT of string at panel four(4) I finally saw a black bird(Crow?) with the most creepy smile and a scar over it's red eye, extending to it's chest. The "Crow" seemed to be fairly anthro with a red scarf/bandana.. The text seemed to be "A wish???". 0-0

What did others see?
An Update!
I was very exited to see this. I have been following this story since Grey Journey on November 2008 and it is truly amazing to watch your art grow in time. :)
To bad I live all the way in Ontario Canada or I would totally take one of those sweeties. I had the most sweet Pit Bull die on my last year at 11. When I get money Wednesday I will help out.
"Seems like it's safe ..." not "Seems like it's save ..." otherwise loving the comic.