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Welcome to The Triad, my new webcomic! This story follows on from the events of YB427, which you can also read on this website. Each story still stands alone, but the two complement each other so I would recommend reading YB427 first, if you haven't already!

This first chapter has been printed and I will have copies at the upcoming Manchester (July) and London (October) MCM Expos. They should also be available online at some point.

I'll be uploading pages twice weekly, on Wednesday and Sunday.
April 15th, 2012
It's not over yet.
April 15th, 2012
I began drawing this comic last summer and completed it in September, then printed it and sold it at London Expo in October. It feels like a long time ago, especially when I think of how long I've had the idea for it. I was originally going to let this web version update over a period of time, but I decided in the end that since the comic is old and I feel like I've moved on a lot from it, I would just upload it all in one go and let people read it at their leisure, if they so wish.

This comic is a great achievement for me, since I had never drawn a completed comic before this one - not even one that was a handful of pages in length. Although the story stands by itself, it's part of a much wider world of stories that I will eventually be putting into comic, or perhaps another, format. As a result, some of it may be confusing or difficult to understand, but never fear...

Since this comic was made for print, I think it actually looks much better as a printed book than online. Joyously, I still have copies of it left which you can buy from my website here!
I second Gusto!
What are you colouring in?