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In south Louisiana, born and raised, in front of my Genesis/Playstation/Gameboy is where I spent most of my days... and so on, and so forth.

Drawing's pretty much the only thing I got going for me, and I'm a bit too nervous/stubborn to commit myself under someone else, so self-publishing is probably my resigned fate.

Interests include but are not limited to: animation, comics and manga, video games, dreamscicles, cats, cosplay, and tellin' it like it is.
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    Shane Champagne
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@troblsomtwins829: Hey, I'd be honored! Download away! ;p
Hola, bitches!
Things aren't exactly starting off smooth here....luckily, the smoothest Beedrill in history is BACK, senoritas!

How will the battle go? Hopefully we won't have to wait several months to find out...

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo
Her Lady's Secret Service
Final-freakin-ly, after too long of a drought of activity, things are on the road again. (This would have been up this past Friday, but an ice storm had other plans...)

Ernie and the gang finally challenge the Celadon Gym, though it appears they have to contend with the She-Woman Men-Haters Club before getting anywhere close to the badge!
Meanwhile, on the digital side of things...
Something's definitely troubling, indeed. What has NICKI gotten herself into now?....

Next time: The Geisha of Grass!

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo
Troubles of past, present, future
What were you involved in, Fuji?!
Ernie and the gang prepare to go after the next badge, but something seems amiss...

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo
Seein' stars!
Well now, look who decided to make an early appearance! Nice to see some of the Elite Four actually do stuff when not battling potential champs...
A mother's love
A mother's put to rest, and the gang figures their next course of action. Plus, a famous face shows herself!

Next time: Time for tea?

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo
It looks like everyone survived in one piece, after all! Well, mostly, in terms of Freddie...
@Shawn: Well, Bert's Rattata/Raticate, yeah. He was killed in the fight on the SS Anne. As you can see, he's not quite over it. : p
Supernatural smackdown!
Some ghosts just can't let a thing go...

Anyway, hate to leave you guys hanging on a cliffhanger, buuuut...

Letting you guys know now; I'm gonna be pausing things for a bit here, as I've got several things right now that'll be preventing me from getting too much done over the next month or so. Not only do I have to prepare for a convention, plus a big ol' move up to South Carolina. Things will resume back at their regular process once I get settled, and in the meantime, I'll try to squeeze some bios and other stuff to keep things from getting too quiet.

Next time: Soothing the soul!

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo
A mother's wrath
It took me long enough, but here's the third part of Ernie's excursion into the Pokemon Tower! Things get crazy as they start to turn into The Exorcist, minus the creepy little girls and projectile vomiting.
@FerreTrip: Glad to see someone caught it. Not sure where a Squirtle would get a Sega Saturn to begin with, but... ;P
@Shawn: Thanks for letting me know; I'll try to see if I can figure what's causing it. Smackjeeves, are you drunk again?
Possession Punch-out 2
Ernie and the gang finish things up with a not-so-in-control Bert and his entourage, and head on their way to a supernatural showdown! And score themselves a Gastly, who, lucky for her, is in a box not populated by annoying green specters.

Next time: Wrath of the mother!

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo.
Possession Punch-out 1
And the battle versus Bert commences! Who knew ghosts could make people act like such dicks? They really should follow Patrick Swayze's example.
@Greg: It was back on page 42-3; the crew ended up running into a "whited-out" trainer and his zombie-ish Butterfree. P:
@Greg: Eh? Felicia never died! There was a completely separate Butterfree that the gang had to deal with a while back, but as for Ernie's, she's been going strong.
@Semerone: I would hope not, otherwise I failed epically in the references. I'm not even trying to be subtle with it in the last panel. :P
@Kurona: Notice the poke-ball he's still holding ;p
*Insert scare chord*
I liked it when you were more douchey, and less harbinger of Hell, Bert...

Next time: Rival Revival!

Pokemon (c) Game Freak/Nintendo