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"My name is Sea Turtle and I'm addicted to turtles and yaoi."

"Hi Sea Turtle!"
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    "Sea" for short or you know... Sea Turtle.
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I'd laugh if that guy enters the competition for
This is great! I was wondering what to do with my last Killing Spree Coupon! Save up to half off on guns, grenades, and blades!
That is EXACTLY how I felt shaking Hawk Nelson's hand. I mean he owns it now.
Omfg as soon as I saw this I started thinking Adam Lambert "For Your Entertainment." This song fits SO well. @o@
To be honest....Rin's not a bad idea. O-O (slaps) WHAT AM I THINKING?! Hisoka and Takao 4EVAR!
Dafuq? I was all like "That's possible to do?!!!!" lol couldn't help, but laugh.
You're welcome!:) Nice cover I really like it! Chibi Hisoka is sooo Kawaii! *cute ^-^

Reminds me of south park when that one guy killed Kenny lol!
Even though I don't like Oasis. (I mean I do just not that much now) I still screamed, "Is she TRYING to get killed or something!!!" Funny stufff.
oh spoke too soon.
Oh Kaito, but I agree. That IS or just has to be Shuno's boss. He's got the cold look he gave Shuno when he was caged up. Thank god Shuno isn't there at the moment or more like I wish he was. Stunning as always, Angel.
Bullshit! Hisoka, you bring your little white ass back here! Uh! How do you just leave like that and who's that guy?!!! Some past...I'm not even going to go there. (counts to ten). Now that the black side of me has calmed down and I can speak without offense, only you and Kaito Shuno can get me rowled up like this Hyena and that's very rare. I be wanting to flip a table over sometimes. I swear I be like oooh What About Love updated. (puts game face on)Let's see what she's got for me today. (Pops fingers). <3 lol I love this comic AND the artist.
Silly rabbit "tricks" are for kids. They're just too cute. I'll sit in class and randomely start going, "Pyo-yo, pyo-yo, pyo-yo ~<3".
January 27th, 2012
I bet that hurt.
Total face palm!
It's ok at least you put time and thinking into it instead of just going with any old thing that comes off your head, which is usually why most of the comics I faved stopped updating because they finally realized "oops outta ideas!", and on the plus side can be better and more proficcient (<--if that's how you spell it) in the long run instead of your comic or manga (as some would prefer to call it)being called cheap, unable to read, random, or all of the above. SO hopefully you don't come back with any bad news because I love your style and your slight sense of humor (well at least the parts /I/ find funny). And also that you come back with all of your loose ends tied up.
BTW When I read Hiatus and then the page you made it seem like you put the message on the page, but still flows with the story.
"This is not the end."
"I'm not going to die."
(Claps) I really liked how that came together.
Hope to see you soon. <3 XOXOXOXO
@Fuya_kirakira:I'm not offended at all, by the way. And I'm not saying they're attacks. And I'm not saying that you were the one that commented saying that Kaito and Oasis should be together. I love how people judge the comic, I love how Angel puts every freakin reading term (foreshadowing, suspense, mood, ect.) into this story. It was early in the morning when I wrote that and when I had to scroll for about an hour trying to get to the bottom of the page, I read a few of the comments. I was simply scared. It's almost sounded (at some points through out the story) that people would just give up on it. But I had already stated that Angel had to have been a DAMN (sorry I left that word out) great artist and storymaker to get such feedback.
Also one thing that irritated me about your reply was that I was how say "More or less telling people to stop caring so much about Angel's comic."
Like I said before I go rabid and want flip a table over too, but in turn your right. I can't say I was really offended because it was wrong of me to crush the dream of Shuno and Kaito being real in that "heat of the moment".
I agree with you on the "Us bothering to attempt to analyse her characters (poorly so at times, I admit), is nothing if not a testimony to her incredible talent." part. But I simply posted that as one of MY pissed off lectures and analis and I simply just wanted to praise the author for such GREAT work.
Even more so I didn't misunderstand the fans I knew exactly what they were doing. In their minds it's a praise to the author but sometimes that isn't said and it comes off as...I don't know just "harsh"? (not sure if that's the term I was looking for) You could say. Still, just like they made their points and theories I made mine too. It was simple opinion, we all have them. I wasn't attacking anyone in particular or really just trying to be the killjoy its just soembody has to say it, right? Or else everybody goes off the edge. What can I say I'm straightforward with my thoughts just as you. If you feel offended in anyway I promise it wasn't an attack, just clearing up a few things that you mentioned and I wasn't offended either (unless you were actually being sarchastic at some parts that made me feel like a three year old, but I'm just going to say that wasn't your intention.):P Anyways...Gosh. I love this comic and I love the comments. This has to be the only Comic that has me on edge EVERYDAY!
Ok I think the one person who REALLY needs love and discussion and PRAISE over is Angel. Guys calm down! You guys are taking this WAY too seriously. Angel has GOT TO BE a great author for producing such feedback from you guys. I'll admit that sometimes I just want to go rabid and flip a table over,but I have more sense than that. And I'll also admit that sometimes I'll take Kaito and Shuno out to be real life, because technically she puts them in real life situations, but guys you scare me everytime I read another page.
Look here (not trying to be a bitch or anything) There will be no Kaito and Oasis.(Why would you even favorite this webcomic if from the beginning you loved it for its yaoi?) You can go off and hope for some or make fan stories based only on those two but I doubt she'll upload anything Kaito and Oasis based (At least on a Shoujo level) on a webcomic about two gay guys.
Secondly,it probably scares Angel half to death when guys comment things like "They should just stay apart" or "Kaito's too selfish and Shuno's too abusive. They don't need each other." The thought of "Oh my god they're not getting the point" may cross her mind, or "Oh know I'm losing fans" may cross too.
And let me say one more thing. Yes it's true that Kaito was raped, but not everytime they did "it". From the time Kaito developed feelings for Shuno that he could basically call love, Rape in his dictionary became no more and besides didn't they get even?!!!! So what's the big fuss?!!!
Its true I don't like Oasis, but now that I think about it it sucks she got put in the middle of a war. It's true I hate what's happening here at this moment because of all the suspense, but I have faith that Angel will make it better. She already said they have to over come these tough ass obstacles in order to grow a stronger bond and relationship. So guys quit flying off the handle everytime you see this. I'm pretty sure at some point Kaito will stop being so selfish and oblivious(<----- that's a maybe) and Shuno will eventually stop being so abusive and learn to control his anger to a point where he can talk. I swear at times you guys act like little Shunos' youselves saying all these things.

And I hate to be the one to say it (actually it's really hard)
BUT THEY'RE NOT REAL!!!! KAITO AND SHUNO ARE FICTITIOUS CHARACTERS!!! You can correct me if I'm wrong and I'm not trying to be killjoy, but I'm starting to get scared at these comments. It makes me think that at some point they'll just stop reading Kaito Shuno. I mean you favorited this comic from beginning just for the yaoi and the relationships that come with. Ididn't see you guys go crazy when Toby came onto him.
So I'll state again Angel is going as fast as she can to get to the climax of this so falling action can start occuring and will shut you guys up. I love you Angel you're the best storymaker I have truly ever seen to make people go this nuts about you! ---<3
You know it's funny. I'm not even kidding, sometimes I go into my closet and I look for a manga called "Kaito Shuno" then after ten minutes of looking at my massive collection, the lightbulb goes off and be like, "It's on the internet, stupid."
YOu should seriously consider getting this published when you're finished with it. I'd buy like eight copies. One for myself and seven others for in case I lose my original one. GREAT STORY YOU'VE GOT GOING HERE ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like all the murder comments. :). Just remember though that shuno only killed that girl because she hurt Kaito really bad. All he's doing now is waiting for this bitch to slip up.
How about we "not" wait and you push that damned conscience of yours to the side and worry about regret in the morning? Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.>.>
*Fapping action* I'm going to use that when I'm at my friend's house and she's texting instead of paying attention to me. >.> (you know if you don't mind.)

Is it funny that I creeped this comic ever since I got home from school. Stalker mode GO! FTW!
I'm not even fucking kidding angel. You have got some mad skillz. I have shown some of my friends this comic and one of them were SUPER homophobic, but they think this is the cuteste story EVER. Angel you should probably get this published when you're finished because its freaking great. NO not EVEN the word for it. It's beyond great. This is the only yaoi that I've read that impulses me to go into publishing industries and make you famous. You're freaking awesome <3!!!!