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Matsu here! also known as juhaihai

created this account so I could fave all the BL i want from this site, Fujoshi? yes XD
@Matsutake: asdsdafgd lmao I forgot about this orz, yes we will be back! >.</ *slaps self for being lazy*

this image is full of shaaaammme//slapped

<sub>pssst Take, we gonna go raid somebody's house one Feb14 yah e u e~ .</sub>
November 20th, 2011
that last panel....oAo~ is just awesome!
THANKS for 500 fans!
You guys are awesome~

mygod, its BIG picture oAo

I wanted to ask if you guys wanted to see fanservice as thanks XD
TATSU fanservice lol
<sub>but you guys want that? or maybe a group pic of the characters that came out so far?...o3o </sub>
yep, miki-chan looks like a boss B)
November 11th, 2011
@Chikage Godo: Nope, not the updates xD (i already know Im slow at that) but the story pacing and the number of panels on each page...i-idk orz, maybe Im just paranoid ^^;

btw, thanks for the comments hun~ <3
ahh~ today is 11/11/11 =v=

lel, just saying xD

Its also the 11th page for chapter 2.

I think Im taking the pace of this manga too slow. =A= what do you guys think? hmmm...
<sub>okay this is the last one for now,
Sorry, i did say I was gonna dump pages but PS was being a bitch for the last 3 days and i couldn't figure out what was wrong. It won't load anything i try to open...

and then a while ago i realized it was just the Sticky keys. STICKY KEYS!!!! *facepalms* I was on the brink of reinstalling PS and reformatting my computer dangnabit.
but Thank God its okay now =v=~
anyway, these pages are what I've done so far, Thanks for reading and faving!!! <3</sub>

@number1animemangaluver: lmao! no, please dont! haha, our faces are not that tasty xD
when I saw this last page, what immediately came into my mind was,
I was scared for a while then i remembered the light....but still that was a bit scary.

This is awesome btw!
let's see if i could finish editing 7 more pages this week. = u =/

haaaiii gaiisss its been a while//bricked for not updating

<sub>also, if you watch me on dA, you probably know the reason why the lack of updates </sub>

I'll go page dumping this weekend =v=/
October 8th, 2011
this is a really good comic~ the art is well made and is really cute, especially the funny face expressions. :D
There are questions on my mind why she'd hire a classmate, if she was really the son of a yakuza boss, then wouldn't she be protected by loyal followers of his dad? why would she hire someone she just met? XD those are just curious musings, hopefully they'll be answered as the story progresses.

Thanks for doing a wonderful comic~ <3 Faves~
This is it for now
this is the 2nd time that im uploading this, something is wrong with SJ today o3o

this is it for now, sorry. I will be back next next week for more after FINALS week, I can't stand seeing the "updated 1 month ago" status of the comic (o n o). There was supposed to be a manga-ka's corner but I didn't have time to draw, OTL I'll add that when chp2 ends, hopefully. The update isn't much, but its a sign that were still alive xD

and THANK YOU! again for 445 fans! WERE BACK! lol
HI! and we're back, its been a month already and i told myself the hiatus shouldn't last for a month and i better show something or else...

so okay there's supposed to be a manga-ka's corner here...but i guess I'll add that after this chapter, sorry Take! >.<

and a lot have probably seen this image on dA xD
YAY! chapter 2 has started!
September 16th, 2011
@dna26angel: LOOOOOL pion!!! *huglomps* its you right!!?? OuO lol, glad you liked it, thanks for visiting you purple turtle! <3
@Katsumi: Thank you!!~ I sure hope the con goes well xD and yup! expect some updates soon~ <3
YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! *dies momentarily*

at last, its done =w="
O well, i hope you guys enjoyed the last few pages eventhough it was rushed.
I edited them today since this weekend we will be busy with a local convention. I'll edit them again soon~


also, chp 2 might take a while, I'll finish my dA commissions first before making new pages for oresama and do rough drafts for chp2.

also, Take's laptop is broken so yeah...edits on the story for chp2 will be delayed for a while.

OMG I forgot to add Tatsu's reply to the last panel OTL dvgadsfbhdghn....sorry. Blame the writer for texting me while editing! haha *gets stabbed*//shot
tried the "upload multiple pages option~"

OTL...I'll re-edit these pages again if i have time.

Also, there won't be any updates for this weekend, but next time I'll update, I'll be dumping pages up until the end of chapter 1, so hold on to your seats and do wait for it ^^

@AqoCJeyBee: the thought bubbles on page 31 were hand drawn. MS doesn't have that much thot bubbles like those, 'cept for the "shock" ones.
way to spoil the mood Tatsu, haha xD