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I ran into that on the final stage where you have to hit (censored) with the (spoiler) after the (did you really think I'd tell you).
@pat15: That might be true, but it may be easier to imagine by using multiple universe theory. Since Wily brought Quint into the present, the universe branched in two. Thus, if Quint killed megaman, he would not be killing the megaman from his universe, but one from an alternate universe. Quint could not exist if his mega was killed, but for him to kill the mega of this universe would only be preventing one alternate Quint from existing.

To sum it up, I hate time travel.
Walk along and try to find health to fix your toe.

Acknowledged. (He's screwed)
Use the coconuts as helmets.
I HATE Sonic comics, but if you do this, I'll follow it.

Conditional fly: Tell a decent story rather than just humor and action. I never followed Sonic mythology, and would love a easy to understand comic.
>Take what's in the chest and leave the creature inside.<
What is the meaning of life?
>Kill and eat the scorpion.<
I love it. Absolutely love it.
>Backtrack and pick up rock and tooth. Use tooth on rock and make weapon. Battle scorpion. Don't die.<
>Investigate the shrine.<
I would like to see this made, but you probably couldn't keep updating two similar comics simultaneously. Consider ending this comic before begining a new one, InMyOpinion.
>take off coconut and eat it<
Panel 2: HAX!!!