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Hello i'm lily :D

I do comics about my characters, first comic spud shall no longer be continued
my other comic Welcome to Wheebles is about Spud and his best friend Puggsy they go to work in a diner along with Thorn and Dodge, things tend to go wrong for them, it goes wrong quite alot
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Meet Thorn she is a barrel of laughs
starting this comic over cause im annoying
so here is the new page 2 :) enjoy
First age huzza
i apoligise if you can't read it cause of my writing n such but here is what it says

Puggsy:" Look Hooters there's one for you Spud"
Spud:" More for you i think you having bigger boobs and all. Look they even cast a shadow"
Puggsy: "Fuck off."
Spud: "Heh oh here's a good one "wheebles" eh. Hmm good pay."
Puggsy: "Hell no i don't want to work for those corporate pigs"
Spud: "oooh also you get a free lunch"
Puggsy: SHH Spud i'm on the phone..Yes hello we're looking for job interviews... Yes tomorrow is perfect..."

i'm sorry about my spelling and grammar i'm not so good with that
December 1st, 2011
banana your perspective shots make me cry a little <3
August 12th, 2011
HEEEEEY PUGGSY! xD <3 peepin out there all like "wtf?" haha thank you banana ;u; you amazing banana! this page is soo good! pooor rasputin you were a man for a bit xD, M you are such a flirt <3 lovely page love
shock face
wow rasputin didn't know you had it in you! i sat threw this hole page like :O AW SHIT MAN! actually rasputin is scary when angry frightened
aw sheeeit!
nice colours though nina this page is really beautifully done ;u; <3
something tells me shit is gonna go down in this chapter!
aw rasputin your so cute! god man don't go into the kitchen O_o there are knives in there! lol yum macaroni and cheese is nummy, raputin is the best idea you lovly little banana you <3
well nina that was seriously intence hahahaha lol was reading it infront of a 7 year old
this god
so beautiful
ffs rasputin, god what are you playing at *rolls eyes* xD hehe
awww luke is drinking monster very casual i wonder what happens if rasputin drink monster it would make him lie 1000000x that he is when he eats sugar hehe <3
why do i find luke really hot when he is saying "yesssss in my room godammit" xD
xD cannot stop laughing at clemins and luke's relationship its so funny ;u;
hur hur lukes dad looks like voldimort with hair eue
what will happen next ooooh banana
your comic is filled with such glorious
suspense can't wait for the next page :D <3
LOL hai
oh nina you came and you gave me this comic and i it is just so good oh nina :D
hey look who it is love i would send you a link on deviantart :| but i do not understand how right now lol, you are going to have to help me with this btw haha and i followed you on here too so i can never miss one of your beautiful comic strips ;u;