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I'm Gigi.
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@Zelkova: Thanks!

Yes! I liked the idea that it acts in a manner that we humans interpret based on how our species acts, but Mismask is doing so unintentionally and means something completely different.

Comagius's actions take a drastic turn (for better or for worse) when they learn how to manipulate how they're interpreted.
@Zelkova: Thanks!

Ha, yeah when I blend the colors I sometimes learn that a color that once looked like a dark grey is actually a very desaturated green or blue, so combining Houndoom's colors with Pyroar's brown made for a very unexpected green!
@Zelkova: Oh yeah it is, lol. We just did Cortana last night (hardest level in the games, devs have admitted how unbalanced it is against the player on Legendary) and had a blast! No barrels to stack on that level tho </3
@Zelkova: I'll take that as a compliment! I actually did have to go back over some parts and cartoon it up a bit because I found I was going a bit more realistic than I should have (for project consistency)
Mismask [Ghost] -> Comagius [Ghost]

Mismask's cries fluctuate between frightening and mournful and their tone is often the opposite of the one they wish to convey. Comagius has mastered conveying its emotions and use this knowledge, along with illusions and incantations, influence humans. Humans influenced by this Pokemon either find great fortune, despair, or are embraced in Comagius's folds and cease to exist...

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Misdreavus/Yamask

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Lithound [Fire/Normal] -> Pyrdoom [Fire/Dark] (+Alpha)

Lithound and Pyrdoom are powerful fire types with a rigid, power-based hierarchy. The most powerful Pyrdoom in the group, typically male, transforms into an Alpha Pyrdoom. Lithound pack members are constantly play-fighting to become stronger, evolve, and eventually take the pack leader's place.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Houndour/Litleo

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@Zelkova: Thanks! Nope, not an official part! Just it's own thing.

I'm doing good, just been very busy! And on top of that, a friend of mine got me into WoW Classic so my time management has become really bad, lol.
Go back a page to see the Fighter variant and get the details on this collaboration!
Did a collaboration with YeeshaStone on their D&D Pokemon project! Of course I did a fusion involving Mewtwo, and thought the duality/contrast between Mewtwo and Xerneas would make for a great fusion! I choose Fighter and Druid as the classes to showcase these two legends, Druid to pair with Xerneas's nature (haha) and Fighter to pair with Mewtwo's...well I wanted to draw some armor, haha.

Xwemtew [Psychic/Fairy]
The Vital Pokemon

This solitary Pokemon lives deep in the wilds, far away from human society. While it causes destruction to the areas it passes though, those scarred lands eventually flourish with greater life than before it arrived. Xwemtew's aura causes Pokemon to subconsciously avoid it, and it has not been known to actively cause harm to another Pokemon. But humans are immune to this aura and are often the target of its confused rage.
Noiblu [Flying/Dragon] -> Ariavern [Flying/Dragon]

This Pokemon's beautiful melody is often not heard, as Noiblu and Ariavern can output and hear sound far outside the range of most beings. Its sound can travel far, and those who have befriended an Ariavern may find themselves randomly joyful, as if an unheard whisper wished them luck, while those who earn the scorn of one may experience constant headaches and eventual hearing degradation.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Noibat/Swablu

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When me and my buddy Josh were playing some Halo 3 Legendary difficulty, we got a bit distracted from the whole "saving the universe" thing to focus on the real issues: barrels.

War is messy, no one has time to clean up while aliens are invading your planet! So Arby and the Chief are ready to help out! Granted, there's probably more important things they should be doing than making sure all the barrels are nicely stacked.

Commission for my buddy Josh, he plays Master Chief and I play Arbiter.
@Emc_502: Thank you very much!

The head on this one was quite complex due to Dhelmise. Next up is Noibat/Swablu so I'm happy for a more straight forward design after this one, haha!
@Zelkova: Yeah, I'm doing good thanks! The absence was unintentional, got some new hobbies/a social life and didn't actively plan what current hobbies I would reduce how much time I spent on art unintentionally ended up taking a hit. I've been doing some stuff slowly, but not at my previous pace.

I was thinking something along the lines of ironwood, which is so heavy it doesn't float!
Commission on SureenInk's character Ana, a magical girl with psionic powers!