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I'm Gigi.
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@Rocatex: Yes! Though Inkoy might have fallen onto the cute scale if it didn't look like it was up to something...
@Aura9301: I've learned to stop judging the weird fusions this project gives me. I thought Malamar and Claydol wouldn't work at first, but yet again I'm proved wrong!
@Zelkova: Well thank you! I'm happy to see your posts as well. It does get me worried when regulars don't comment for a long time
@Enderstar: Thank you very much!

I understand it a bit since I'm posting art on a comic website. I got a lot more comments when I posted comics
Inkoy [Psychic/Ground] -> Dollamar [Psychic/Dark]

Inkoy live to be over ten thousands years old, but hibernate underground for most of their life. If someone digs them up, they will hypnotize the digger to rebury them until they are ready to evolve. If a wild Inkoy evolves into Dollamar, it will go on a destructive rampage until it is neutralized. Thankfully Inkoy rarely evolve in the wild, and those socialized by generations of trainers will not go on a rampage.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Baltoy/Inkay

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Eleep [Electric] -> Flaatric [Electric] -> Megamphic [Electric/Dragon]

Eleep and their evolutions are so wonderfully fluffy and act so friendly that they are able to easily integrate themselves into herds of peaceful Pokemon. This is just a charade though, as they are actually quite violent and have a powerful shock. But even stranger, they are so deep into pretending to be friendly that they only reveal their violent nature to defend their "friends". Some argue their friendly nature can't be a charade if they are also fooling themselves.


Fun side fact, my math decided Electrike + Mareep should be a 3 stage line, with the final stage being a fusion of Mega Ampharos and Mega Manectric--but a Mega is a form, not a stage onto itself. So I included "Mega" in Megamphic's name to nod towards that.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Electrike/Mareep

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Sorry friends! Meant to post this sooner (like...weeks ago DX).

Was experimenting with some lighting/expression practice but then ART BLOCK WHY. I'll probably finish it at some point, but I enjoy what I got done of it (and sadly started with the most far back Spyro so I can't edit out the unfinished ones D: ).
Patreon monthly of Sureen Ink's character Felicity, Queen of the Felinus!
@Zelkova: Whoops, sorry for the late reply!

Sorta! I imagine it like being able to exist/interact with the space between things.

And thanks for another anime suggestion! Haven't gotten around to the last one yet (been watching Voltron, which has been fun), but it's still on the list!
Ooo! I love all these designs look really nice! I can't decide if neon Umbreon or tamato (cat?) is my favorite XD
@TheMewgon40: Thanks! Happy to help some unloved Pokemon get more love ;D
Bascune (Red Ribbon/Blue Ribbon) [Water]

Bascune are very tough and make themselves out to be incredibly vicious, but in reality they are the opposite. When alone they let their true nature shine, as graceful swimmers and caretakers of the streams or rivers they call home. They will only show their true nature to other Bascune--of the same color. The reason for this is not known.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Basculin/Suicune

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Ante's Guardian power is to control the "void", and one of his main uses of it is to cloak himself. The cloaking isn't invisibility but making himself "unperceived", so he can walk undetected. This only works while he remains subtle, if he does anything too unnatural the illusion will break.

Originally wasn't going to make this animated, but it just kinda happened. Very happy with it!
@Zelkova: He may be a water type, but that would probably still sting! XD

Yep, he's still on the list! So far no submissions have been turned down ;D
@EmilyAnnCoons: Glad to be of service!

Go ahead! There are definitely some! (my friends and I play [well I haven't played in ages, but I just potentially found a DM today so that might change soon /o/])
Monthly Patreon request by SureenInk for her character Konaku, the Skarn Leader!
@Zelkova: I thought that at first, but now I'm addicted to the current style. It makes it nice to share seeds and help other players find certain Pokemon.

Thanks! Been awhile since I sprited, so it's fun to do~
Lots of requests for Jet to defuse the situation, so try he does! Raine also decides to attack the mysterious fog instead of, well, attacking someone else.

Also general reminder for character submissions: there's separate forms for Legendaries vs regular NPCs and submitted Pokemon should be reasonably within canon (ex. no blue Pikachu, no Gorochu (unreleased/non-canon Pokemon), etc). I've corrected erroneous submissions, so just a reminder for the future! I love seeing all them all, so keep them coming! Once we get out of this cave they will be very useful ;D