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Tombeye [Ghost/Dark] || Mega Tombeye [Dark/Ghost]

A curious aura surrounds all Tombeye. When they consume gemstones this aura hardens, mimicking the structure of the stones. A Tombeye with a strong aura can Mega Evolve to fully utilize the power of their aura.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Sableye/Spiritomb

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@WiispNightmare: Fluffy things are the best :D

Thank you!
Well that's ridiculous, I don't blame you for leaving. My comment seems to have been deleted from the news post, but I've definitely seen plenty of comic covers with borders to meet the size, so I don't get it. Heck, I almost did that with one of my comics!

I've subscribed to the Tapas RSS feed so even though I don't have an account there, I'll still follow you. Best of luck!
While it was requested Raine punch Seamus...she's still not well enough for that, but she can still threaten him! Jet also makes an attempt to deescalate things back to the previous conversation.

Also reminder that only Jet and Raine can be controlled, Seamus and Sheikh have a mind of their own.
"Finished" redesigning Tennio. Though I thought that the last time I redesigned him was the last, so we'll see haha. Originally got inspiration for his design from some little doodles I did of a fuzzy four legged bird thing (which turned into Tennio as a baby). Some sketches of those are available to Patreons, here!

Tennio and Vivvia share a dad, so he's where Tennio gets his more mammalian appearance. His mom is more birb like. I'm working on a full family sketch, a work in progress of which is on Patreon, here (different link from above, haha)!

Fun fact, Tennio has no nostrils! As someone who couldn't breathe through her nose as a kid, I feel for him :(
Raffle drawing/Patreon request by LightBlueBlaze of her new pupper, Sadie!

(double post today, so be sure to check back one page!)
Raffle drawing/Patreon request by LightBlueBlaze of her Houndour and Electrike characters!
@Zelkova: He's descended from the creator of the seas--he doesn't have time for us simpletons!
@PJSam: I can see that! It kinda looks like a Warper
@Zelkova: Thanks and done! ;)

I'll be honest, before seeing that hairless cats were just really freaky to me. But they're a neat way to see the anatomy of a cat without all the hair in the way, so that post has made me appreciate them more! (plus the expressions are funny XD)
@Nashew: Clearly I pulled these images from my "Cat memes" folder, so they must all be cats!

(I probably should rename that folder to "ideas for Mewtwo cat" at this point XD)
@PJSam: It sure does feel like a good time for a new avatar! ;D

I think I've had that last one since 2012 o:
Monthly sketches for $10+ patrons!

Sureen Ink: Requested Crystal in a bathing suit!

(FYI: this was a double post; if you missed the first post, hit the previous button!)
Monthly sketches for $10+ patrons!

Sureen Ink: Requested her OCs Valerie and Kiera kissing/cuddling!
@LightBlueBlaze: Haha XD

Fixed, thanks for the spot! I was jumping between two similar phrases and my brain turned to mush and combined them incorrectly...oops!
Remky [Water] -> Octogre [Water]
Remky [Water] -> Octogre [Water]

Remky stick close to Octogre for protection until they evolve. When Octogre's Remky school is in danger, it sprays ink to shield and hide them. Its glowing markings signal it is going on the attack.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Kyogre/Remoraid

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Things are starting to get real foggy here! (also Raine's eyes look more normal, she might be snapping back to her usual self!)
@WiispNightmare: Thanks!

I modified/used this tutorial ( )!