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Comment on [Chapter] 11 - Epilogue of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 1 2014 9:20PM
Final chapter
is here.
Wrapping up Sky's story time. I /should/ be able to do a page a day for the next month (though I did just get back to college so no promises).
Comment on [Page] 394 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 1 2014 2:56PM
And now that I can
Replies to people who were commenting on my failure pre-end:
@johnwolf: Actually I think this is very possible with the ruleset I applied. The only thing is you really have to have the mechanics down. Had I realized I could have left pre-Brine Cave fight and been able to properly stock-up and train I would have had a shot at victory.
@spudwalt: For Dialga I always slap a seed on him which renders him pretty useless. I don't remember getting one-shotted when I first fought in Darkness/Sky non-Nuzlocke. Also, if I managed to grind I could have gotten Dig for Gigi. Combined with move linking, Dialga isn't too hard of a fight from my memory, you just gotta make sure you keep him dazed.
Comment on [Page] 394 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Sep 1 2014 2:47PM
So I'm sure you're all ready to hear about how I failed.
But first a quick note. Yes this is the final page for this chapter. I intended to post this yesterday but got distracted with movies. So here it is now! Then, there will be one more chapter in this run which will be the epilogue, which will bridge this run with run 3.

But now for how I failed this run. Well let me start off by saying I did not fail the Dusknoir fight as implied. No I actually failed a different fight but in the interest of proper story-telling elected to proceed a little father in the story to reach a non-jarring conclusion. I apologize to anyone who is upset by me continuing past my gameplay.

Finally, I've done a terrible thing. Remember that April Fool's page? Where I spoke of not having a plan to nicely finish the run if I failed before the Dialga/Dusknoir fights? And how I failed on the Omastar/Kabutops fight actually? And how Kiara, who is weak to both of their types actually lived and it was Gigi and her stupidly weak stats that died?

...well I was telling you all the truth back there. Yes, I failed at the Omastar/Kabutops fight. Yes, I failed because Gigi had such weak stats, kept being targeted, I stopped grinding after Groudon and it was 3AM. Don't Nuzlocke at 3AM people. Much less I didn't realize you could actually leave the area (which you were dragged into with no warning) until I already failed.

So for failing a second time in a row I apologize but I hope you enjoyed the story, nonetheless c: Again, epilogue coming in the future, then plans for run 3! Thank you for supporting me all this way and I'm super excited for run 3 (yes, I still am keeping the game secret ;D) <3
Comment on [Page] 392 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 31 2014 3:56PM
@Killerat2: This is why I love you guys c:
@Linkziken: NOT JUST ONE! BUT 2-3!!!
@Melody-Pika: Those sounded like song lyrics but lower comments tell me otherwise *crawls into corner of not knowing* XD
@121GWJolt: Plot twist: it's all a game O:
@DracheLehre: Missingno is everywhere.
@Ginger: Never played Gates to Infinity! c:
@Epsog: she's just flailing XD
@spudwalt: Yay everyone's gonna die! Wait a sec-
Comment on [Page] 393 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 31 2014 6:19AM
going to sleep but...
I meant to put this up yesterday but I was playing games/watching LotR: Two Towers so I forgot |D So I'll put this up now and if I get a page done that was suppose to be for today you'll get another "two page" day but I'll move this back to the 30th.
Comment on [Page] 392 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 30 2014 3:39AM
So some of you might be saying
'Gigi, didn't you already upload a page today?' To which I say: you want more pages right? ;D I was planning to upload one on the 30th if I could. So just pretend the 12:30-ish page was from the 28th and this page is the 29th's upload =P

Again, explaining the game when the chapter is over and boy do I wanna tell you guys what happened. I think you'll enjoy it. |D
Comment on [Page] 391 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 29 2014 11:50PM
@Dragongirl101, @Lady Darkrina: Thank you!
@derpherp: Yay c:
@Ginger: Nope! *shot*
@Epsog: Mixture of they're in the future of the Temporal Rift so I figued it'd be fancier and spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. c:
@Xenokore: And space, don't forget space. c: *spaaaaaaaaaaaace*
@Poke'slash: I must be missing it too (there's no purposeful references XD)
@PkMn Trainer Nyra: Game details will be revealed at the end of this chapter!
Comment on [Page] 390 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 29 2014 11:36PM
Late replies are late...
@gothaman1 and @Xenokore: Mmhmm!
@DracheLehre: I wonder who it could be ;D
@Luigi_96: Or ...Night Springs!
@Tehpikachu: Bananana!
@johnwolf, @spudwalt: When I get to the end of this chapter I'll make sure to properly reply to everyone asking questions or making statements about the end of the run...which means now I must finish this chapter as soon as humanly possible XD
@Epsog: Who knows!? (besides me of course =P)
@mapsal313: Me too...wait. (I'll definitely fill people in at the end of the chapter)
@The A gamer: Yes.
@Poke'slash: Thank you! We'll just have to wait and see ;D
Comment on [Page] 389 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 29 2014 11:25PM
late replies are late...
@Piplupluv: Yep D:
@Captain of Zeroes: Thank you! It's the part I enjoy the most c:
@mapsal313: Keeping quiet above the rest of this chapter, but thanks! I can't wait either c:
Comment on [Page] 391 of Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs
Pokemontrainergigi, Aug 29 2014 4:57AM
Well ~45 minutes late |D
Whoops, meant to have this up yesterday XD Enjoy! Again, I'll be telling you guys what happened at the end of the chapter...which annoys me because I really want to reply to some of your posts XD I'll try to address all comments on the subject of the game then c:

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