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@Zelkova: He may be a water type, but that would probably still sting! XD

Yep, he's still on the list! So far no submissions have been turned down ;D
@EmilyAnnCoons: Glad to be of service!

Go ahead! There are definitely some! (my friends and I play [well I haven't played in ages, but I just potentially found a DM today so that might change soon /o/])
Monthly Patreon request by SureenInk for her character Konaku, the Skarn Leader!
@Zelkova: I thought that at first, but now I'm addicted to the current style. It makes it nice to share seeds and help other players find certain Pokemon.

Thanks! Been awhile since I sprited, so it's fun to do~
Lots of requests for Jet to defuse the situation, so try he does! Raine also decides to attack the mysterious fog instead of, well, attacking someone else.

Also general reminder for character submissions: there's separate forms for Legendaries vs regular NPCs and submitted Pokemon should be reasonably within canon (ex. no blue Pikachu, no Gorochu (unreleased/non-canon Pokemon), etc). I've corrected erroneous submissions, so just a reminder for the future! I love seeing all them all, so keep them coming! Once we get out of this cave they will be very useful ;D
@TheMewgon40: Thanks!

Actually, both Mega forms are combined into this one. Mega Y is easier to notice because of the head-tail, but Burst Necromew's shoulder pads, arm ridges, leg ridges, and butt-tail are the most noticeable parts of Mega X. It's also hard to see, but Burst Necromew's eyes are half red and half blue (the blue blends in with the lines a bit).

(also, it's a weird day when I have to specify a tail is on someone's butt XD)
Here are some sprites I made for PokeBox! A really fun Pokemon breeding simulator/idle game I've been playing~

Not all sprites are in the game at the time of posting (when/if Ageman20XX adds them, don't assume they're going to be added next update just because I'm posting them, haha). Also a few were edited by Ageman before being added, these are my versions but you can play the game to see the final versions ;D

From top to bottom, left to right:
Beta: Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff
Beta Pre-Evos: Goldeen, Tangela, and Doduo (one head)
Beta Pre-Evos: Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix*; Cloakless Burmy
Shadow forms: Mewtwo, Mega Mewtwo X and Y*
Shadow Lugia (XD001), Primal forms: Dialga and Palkia*

*Custom forms made to match existing ones
Necromew [Psychic] || Burst Necromew [Psychic/Dragon]

Necromew is a Mewtwo that has been corrupted a by a Necrozma. The resulting Pokemon is incredibly vicious, using its psychic ability to locate and destroy any Pokemon exuding a powerful aura. Once it has absorbed enough energy from slain foes, it will turn into its Burst form. While it is more docile in this form, its aura unfortunately damages anything around it, forcing Necromew into isolation. As it loses energy, it will revert back to its base form and begin the cycle again.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Mewtwo/Necrozma

See more!
Vote for the next fusion!
Rest of the main cast done! Once again, randomized the outfits from this generator.

Saewin managed to snag the perfect outfit (minus the original outfit having underwear (bloomers), he just...misplaced it). But yes, the randomized outfit was simply and open jacket, underwear, and thigh-high socks.

Kat and Ante on the other hand... Mini-skirt girl gets the anime ninja outfit while the assassin gets the mini-skirt! >:D
@WiispNightmare: This project is fun, because I get to learn things about Pokemon I'd never look into otherwise! Like the flowers are not a part of Comfey and they do get very nervous without them!

It's not a mysterious process at all. They're not particularly picky about the stick's materials, so they just need a stick or a brown, cylindrical object and real or fake flowers and they're all set. Mimifey trainers typically have a premade stick ready since they lose them so often. And if they don't, Mimifey will absolutely abandon their trainer until a new stick is made/found.
"One day, as we returned from work, we saw three gallows, three black ravens, erected on the Appelplatz."
-"Night" Elie Wiesel

For years, I had an unfinished drawing in my files but couldn't remember what it was (it didn't help that I called it "Untitled.jpg"...). I did some Googling last week and found the inspiration for it! I highly recommend reading Night if you haven't; very powerful.

The original unfinished piece is available on Patreon~
@WiispNightmare: "Fractions are hard dad..."
"Fractions are easier to picture with context, like bullets in a clip. I currently have 4 bullets out of 6 total. So that's two-thirds or about 66% total capacity."
"Oh! And if you fired a bullet, you now have 3 out of 6 divided by... You have half of your bullets left!"
"Correct! And I could reload my clip to add 1, 2, or 3 more bullets."
"But if you added 4 bullets, where does the extra bullet go?"
"In another clip!"
"Oh! So you now have a full clip and a clip with one bullet... So that's 1 and 1/6?"
"You're right! Great job!"
"Thanks dad!"
@Zelkova: Woo, asexual buddies /o/

100% agree. Hard to figure out if you're straight, gay, bi, pan, etc if you're not actually any of those!
@WiispNightmare: I like to imagine if his kids called, he'd answer the phone even if he was in the middle of a mission. =P
@Zelkova: I imagine the magical powers of a kitsune would keep them from tangling, but who knows!

Sorry about that! The shoes are called getas (geta?) I believe.

There's two ways they're probably work:
Rather than going between the big toe and index toe, it'd go between the middle two toes, or just a strap over the whole foot.
@EmilyAnnCoons: Thanks, it was fun to do! :D The tails themselves weren't hard to draw per se, but figuring out the placement of them was a bit of a fun challenge though!