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I'm Gigi.
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@WiispNightmare: Nuuuuu! (unless you're leaving to go play Spyro, then do because omg I love it)
@Zelkova: Thanks!
Fun fact, I try to keep the max colors down to around 5 since that's the max for most Pokemon. Even with combining Blacephalon's red/blue though, Wickalon still ended up with 7 colors. |D
Crolu [Fighting/Poison] -> Arioxic [Fighting/Poison]

These Pokemon spray out poisonous gas from sacs on their body, which they use to heighten their senses by detecting minute changes in the through their porous skin. While Crolu's gas isn't very toxic and Arioxic can change the potency of its gas, trainers of these Pokemon must take medication to ward off the effects of long-term exposure to the gas.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Croagunk/Riolu

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Originally I was just going to do a doodle for the release of the Reignited Trilogy, but I added in some landscape practice instead I guess!
@WiispNightmare: But of course! She's the most normal raptor of all the raptors. None compare to her normalness!
@Zelkova: Oh absolutely XD

Some more dino names:
ReRe, FaFe, MiMi, SoSo, LaLa, and TiTi the Dodos
Clif the Big Red Giraffe (a bright red Paraceratherium)
Mama Mia the Phiomia
AOL the Dilophosaurus (called Dilos for short)
Titanoboa Food the Parasaur (who is surprisingly alive)
A Good Pun the Dung Beetle ("Hey, I came up with 'A Good Pun' for our Dung Beetle!")
And we name our Ovis after hard to get dinos ("I put Giganotosaurus in our house")
@WiispNightmare: It probably would move like a cuttlefish!
The resulting design does remind me of underwater tube worms though:
@Rocatex: so fabulous.
@Zelkova: Oh absolutely! They just (unfortunately) look angry most of the time.
Wickalon [Fire/Ghost] -> Chandelon [Fire/Ghost]

These mischievous Pokemon are said to create fantastic displays of light and explosions to entertain the spirits of the deceased. However, because they are so concerned with the dead, they often to not perceive the living and cause harm to those (currently) living around them.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Blacephalon/Litwick

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I've been playing a little bit of Ark (okay, it's my most played Steam game) and my favorite dinos are my little raptor buddies! My favorites (pictures here) are Landwaffle, Bloodpancake, and FELLOW RAPTOR--the latter of which is clearly just a regular raptor.
@Zelkova: Yeah, I didn't fully realize this until starting this fusion, but Kangaskhan in Mega Kangaskhan doesn't change. It's really just the baby who gets updated. So this came out feeling more like a fusion between one Pokemon and another with two forms rather than two with two Megas.
@Zelkova: Surprisingly not for most, most Rotom forms had something arm/leg/limb-like to be combined that was different enough. Expect normal Castom. I redrew and erased the lines on that quite a bit to figure out the right amount of curve |D
@Aura9301: Thanks! And yeah, they do work out very well!