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@Lupasolis: Hey I just wanted people to 'have a nice day' and wish a 'hello friends' to everyone ;D

Check my reply to PJSam if you want another level of mixed language nonsense XD
@PJSam: "eget porttitor" or just a bit of Lorem ipsum! http://www.lipsum.com/ TL;DR randomly generated Latin as a stand-in for text.

The passage I generated roughly translates (via Google translator) to: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Antioxidants entirely free textbooks, innovative region any time. Homework vehicles chili at the source, sometimes life nibh real estate. Chat tincidunt front entrance hate football as China. Which is a sad, but in the tempor neque lorem aliquet Cras sed arcu ac. Aliquam vitae lorem laoreet tristique justo."

Really weird stuff happened in the first 15 pages.
@Zelkova: I don't officially take NPC submissions, just because I can see it going south real quick. But I do read everything people say, whether predictions or 'illegal' commands submissions (ie NPC commands). I have no obligation to act on these (more so the latter), but some seem interesting enough to keep in mind (whether for this chapter or further chapters).

But then the question becomes, if Seamus does hit on Raine again--was it my plan all along or was I influenced by your prediction? The world may never know. ;D
@WiispNightmare: I like to imagine both have sillier flavor names than in our world!
Sweetbi [Grass] -> Cherreen (Covered/Radiant) [Grass]
Cherreen's form change is primarily based on the Pokemon's health and mood/self-image. Cherreen that are unhealthy, eat poorly, depressed, think lowly of themselves, etc will be in their Covered form. Those that are healthy, eat well, are confident or arrogant, think positively of themselves, will be in their Radiant form. Whatever condition is the strongest will be the determining factor, so a narcissistic Cherreen with a 'meh' diet might usually be in its Radiant form, while a happy Cherreen eating nothing but Doritos and Mountain Dew might usually be in its Covered form. Like many plant Pokemon, their mood often changes due to the weather and sunlight.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Bounsweet/Cherubi

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@Zelkova: Haha, exact reasons I posted both!
Chapter 1 - Page 16
The DeGale faction has some pretty sweet tech.
Necrita [Psychic] -> Tellezma [Psychic]
All art for Necrozma has a grey lineart, rather than the standard black, so I made two versions.

Necrita and Tellezma are believed to have been created when members of the Gothita family mistakenly confused light reflected by Necrozma for starlight. They mutated due to Necrozma's extreme power, and were transformed into a new species. This new Pokemon is more vicious, unleashing deadly attacks when exposed to starlight. It is unknown if this is an emotional change, or if they are simply unable to control their new powers.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Gothita/Necrozma

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@PJSam: Sadly I've only seen the Prince of Persia movie once, years ago (never played the games) so I don't know!
@Zelkova: Mhmm! The DeGale faction is the tech-y faction, so they're a little ahead of everybody else.

PJSam's point is good, and also Pokemon are naturally pretty resilient, so armor doesn't need to be super resilient, especially if that would be detrimental to the wearer. It could be a 'warmer' material with a shiny coating--because shiny things look fancy ;D
@Zelkova: Thanks!
I'll poke him to see if he will. =P
@PJSam: He begrudgingly admitted he liked it XD
@WiispNightmare: Lots of Pokemon don't have visible ears, it's a surprise there aren't more Pokemon with hearing issues!
Giradia (Anti) [Dragon/Ghost] || Giradia (Time) [Dragon/Steel]
It is said Dialga causes time to flow, while Giradia causes time to stop. Some believe when this Pokemon travels to a different timelines, time in the timeline it left ceases to flow. This is impossible to prove, however few people have claimed to have accidentally traveled with Giradia and made their way back, having aged drastically.

Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project Info:
Generation: 1
Parents: Dialga/Giratina

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Chapter 1 - Page 15
Typical Raine!
Nailed It
Ignore anything Haunshaul says--Chikorita and Dunsparce are 100% his favorite Pokemon, and anything he says against that fact is lies and slander...against himself.

<s>I will make you regret your words, Josh >:D</s>
@PJSam: He kinds does not that you mention it, haha!