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Overused joke, but I dun' care.

Ghetsis:*Takes off Scouter* IT'S OVER 9000! *Crushes Scouter*

N:WHAT, 9000!? There's no way that can be right!
Courage, I believe?

Why, thank you for the compliment! :D
Now with more attack sprites.

Uh, no, the villain is hiding. :3 *CoughcoughttlynotIgnuscoughcough*

Ignus and Kirby are enjoying a nice day in the summer, after Nightmare's defeat, when people suddenly begin to go missing. Now, they go on a quest to find the people that dissapeared..And the culprit.

(This comic takes place after the events of "Kirby Dream Danger", made by Delto, Awesome Ollie, tekern, me, and Ultralucario64.)
I'm watching them and they can't see me! :D
It looks a LOT like Nyaromon to me.
My absolute FAVORITE Ultimate.
I can't wait for the next villain. *coughcoughttlynotgonnabemykirbycoughcough*
Kirby Dream Danger.
The comic me and Ultra are in.
The comic in which the person who started the comic got hacked and banned.

Me and Ultra should know this.
Wait, why am I talking about this again?
I wanted to post a comic, but I was bored and tired.
This was the result.
Do fillers even exist in this universe?
Actually, isn't Thunder the strongest Electric type attack? Curse my memory for not remembering.

Ignus would be great friends with Cyboom and Bursey.

Maybe he should go with them on random adventures.
In fact, there should be a COMIC for that.
This is a pretty short meme.
Heh, this should be good.