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I had written a brief biography here before, but it exceeded the maximum amount of characters. Go figure.
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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay - I've actually been caught up in an unrelated project I'm hoping to publish sometime in February!

It seems that the votes are in for the following:
Zero - Frenzy
Colbor - Covering Fire
Ciel - Buster

I'll be updating this weekend with the results and get things moving forward again.

Kudos, by the way, to InfiniteRemnant for catching what happened to the Z-saber!
Man, that gif moves fast :S it's a big jump from the 10 fps of previous posts to even 30.

The stealthy approach was for the most part fruitful, but even the stealthiest of people can't hide in open space!

So for combat, there are going to be three votes for me to tally: What Zero does, what Ciel does, and what Colbor does. I'll be counting these votes individually so I'm not playing around with exponentially increasing permutations. Each character has a set of "fixed" options, which I'll resolve using dice(These options are marked in detail on the party page!). You can vote for non-standard actions(such as taking cover) as well. If you guys don't pick a target for an attack, I will. Otherwise, as always, the choice is yours!

Zero (15/15):
- Buster Pistol
- Frenzy

Colbor (5/5):
- Machine Gun
- Covering Fire

Ciel (10/10):
- Buster Pistol
- Cyber Elf

Note that Ciel doesn't have Analyze as an option because in the Prologue, she documented Pantheon soldiers.
Alright, it looks like consensus is to sneak in. I'll be open to input until late tonight, but there'll be an update likely tomorrow!
Obviously Ciel and Colbor suffer from "not main character arthritis", so I'll have to work on some better animations. (Originally I was going to have the three start running off screen but because his walk cycle has so many more frames Zero looked like a Baywatch reject)

Ciel, Zero, and Colbor's mission: The three operatives have a bomb to plant within the disposal center, after freeing the Reploids slated for execution.

You can either charge in, guns blazing, or try and take the stealthy approach. Charging in is much more likely to force you into fights, but taking a stealthy approach will definitely take longer, and innocent Reploids may face execution in the meantime.

And as always, perhaps there are more options than just the ones I listed!
Hey everyone, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I'm just here promoting a comic I've wanted to experiment with for some time now, which I dropped in 2013 but am once again picking up.

Zero Hour loosely follows the plot of Mega Man Zero, but from the context of a choose-your-own adventure story. The rails are off, meaning that while the setting and introduction are the same, just about anything could happen! For example, Zero never got the Z-Sabre, and other members of the Resistance are quickly going to see themselves in combat missions. Nobody has "plot armor," either, so it very well could be that Zero turns out not to be the saviour that the world so desperately needs. Who knows?

So come, give it a gander, and hop into the action! The fate of Neo Arcadia, audience, is yours!
@kingdomguy15: Haha, I'm glad to get a welcome back! I definitely want to take this adventure to a natural conclusion, especially when fate has already sent the story in a different direction than the games.

That said, I admit to nudging things to divergence even further by having Ciel, Cerveau, Colbor, and especially Elpizo(sir not-appearing-in-Zero-1) take on front line missions, so I'm excited to see what the audience makes happen!
Christopher has been awoken from his 100 year slumber to update Zero Hour!

..and hold on, for some reason these three look -familiar-

Zero can join any of these three missions, and all of them will be conducted simultaneously. (To switch focus to a different mission, simply vote to switch focus instead of taking an action. You can't switch focus during combat)
CursedBluto - Rise from Stasis
Hey everyone, so obviously this comic hasn't updated in years for various reasons, but I'm hoping to be bringing it back in the near future. Since this introductory content would(almost) turn out the same, I'm just going to keep moving from here. To that end, Zero will ask for a tour of the base, and ask what he can do to help.
@Ultimate Yoshi: Haha, well, Pacific Rim's usually what Vulcan Z has been compared to, so I took an educated guess that it was what you were noticing similarities to.

As for the re-review, that sounds perfectly fine to me to wait until at least 2 chapters are up, as it gives us more time to improve on the comic as a whole and work on what you've mentioned. Plus, it'll probably help to establish a status quo for Vulcan Z as a whole.
While I personally disagree with some of the comments you've put forth, there also are quite a few I agree with. Unfortunately, our artist, Lori, is.. not quite the most enthused about the project, and so a lot of visual problems are simply laziness on her part or attempts to hurry through the pages.

To address some the concerns you've put forth:
-The navigation is indeed faulty; I've been working on fixing this, but thus far to no avail.
-Giganticus's shriek is supposed to end in a snort/grunt.
-"Greater frequency" does indeed imply that monsters have appeared in the past. In fact, that was exactly what was intended.
-There is actually no common origin to the monsters that appear in Vulcan Z. Most are aliens, but some have magical or scientific origins, and future monsters' origins will often be better explained.
-For the record(though not that it matters considering the timeframe pushed the two so closely), Vulcan Z was conceived and released prior to Pacific Rim.

Thanks a lot for your time - Connor, Lori, Abbie, and I really appreciate it, even if Vulcan Z doesn't happen to be your cup of tea. When Issue 2 is finished, would you be willing to give it a review as well?
I'd prefer going over to Knight Man
CBCL Prologue - Generation of Steel
Generation of Steel was meant to herald the reboot of CBCL - instead of starting off with Bluto and his Mary Sue-like antics, I decided I wanted to start with a 50 page pseudo-8-bit styled prologue taking place during the events of the original Mega Man game.

So for the first week, things were going fine - I had a buffer of 9 comics going out of 50 planned. I even had scripts up to comic 20. then I had a road trip with my family from Nebraska to Washington to get to my college housing, and I simply didn't have time to work on the road or when I got to DigiPen. several times I tried to get back into working on it or the pages of rebooted CBCL, but it felt like too much time was required when I had game projects, programming assignments, and other classwork to do.

Then, last December, right after I got home for the holidays, I lost my grandmother to cancer. she and I were very close, so this was a devastating development. I spent most of what was supposed to be my resting time dealing with funeral arrangements and drama with my extended family, so I came to DigiPen even more burnt out than when I left. At the same time as I shelved CBCL, I also had to drop several important classes from my schedule, and even that didn't prevent me from failing a couple classes and nearly bombing my second game project. Even now I'm dealing with backlash from depression and stress, unfortunately.
Hey GMC, been quite a while! Glad to hear from you.

Unfortunately, a few of the comics may have been lost to the void. I'm under the impression that they're on my old desktop, meaning I'll have to take some time some weekend to migrate some files.

I know for sure the epilogue flash is gone because it was hosted on Comic Era. As for the missing Ch2 pages, I believe the missing ones are the hand-drawn ones Hans was working on. I have those and will upload them as soon as my schedule permits.
You have no idea how fun it was to sprite Al and Tom during the Vietnam War, just turning back the clock to make them into young men molded by battle.
And now we've reached our call to action. Will Zero help the resistance, or will he turn away? Or are there other unexplored options?

The choice, audience, is yours.
Hey guys, Vulcan Z Issue 1's done, and I was wondering if someone could take a moment to review it?

No offense intended to Zone, but he seems to be otherwise preoccupied, so could it be someone new this time?

The comic can be found at about midway down the page.
Hey Ultimate Yoshi, is there any chance you could put up a list of planned reviews? I think a couple of these might've uploaded out of order, so I can't quite tell what's next on your agenda.
Would you be willing to review the (non-Smackjeeves)comic I've been involved in, Vulcan Z? We're about to bring Issue 2 to a close this Saturday.

If you'd be willing, here's a link to the beginning of the comic:
XD Whoops, that was a typo - I meant to say Issue 1; as far as I know, Lori's still working on Issue 2's lineart. Well, it'll come to a close on Saturday afternoon, so whenever you could get to it, that'd be awesome.
Awesome! I'm sorry to have leaned on you so much about the review; we were just getting a little concerned as to whether or not it was still in the works. Thanks as always, Zone.

Considering how hectic things have been for you lately, is it likely that you'd be able to review Issue 2 of Vulcan Z when it finishes sometime this month, or would it be better for you not to make any promises at this point?