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@coolkyledude: I specifically remember Prussia hating Liz with a passion and snapping at her every time she speaks, like in the comic where they decide which gender gets which shelter. I would've thought she'd be over it by now, but in Desmond's boot comic she still seemed to dislike her.

I don't know for sure but I doubt Liz can win her over. Diego doesn't seem to feel the same way but would likely vote with Prussia anyway.
@coolkyledude: Prussia absolutely despises Liz, I think she and Diego are likely voting for Jojo actually.
@Congo: I have no idea what the hell this even is, but I think I like it lol <3
@Congo: Something else I've noticed with Jake. Although he supposedly doesn't exist, his votes still count in every Tribal Council he has "attended."

During Mikah's boot, Jeff reads out three votes for Jojo (from Stagg, Spinfur and Jake). Jojo and Mikah's whole plan is based on them each getting three votes and four going to Stagg until Amelia flipped. This implies they were aware of Jake and included him as one of the six people voting to get them out.

During Tyra's boot, Jeff reads six votes for Tyra and four are read for Jojo, which means there are ten people present (if there were only nine, then he would only need to read five votes to eliminate Tyra).

I don't know if it's all editing or magic or whatever, but Jeff has been reading Jake's votes at every TC he's been to.
Why are comments disabled over at DA?

Anyways this is a hawt alliance but I doubt there'll be smooth sailing to the final 3 with Stagg's idol in play.
@anime9001: It was going to be Elizabeth. I think it would've been better if I created an OC for his visit (like a spoiled, haughty sister), but he didn't win the challenge so it wouldn't have mattered. I think Stagg, Diego and the twins would've gotten the visits either way.

That said I'm really glad he got a few Bioshock references (even if they weren't fully accurate), so it feels like he's more part of that world, if that makes sense.
@landis963: I'm his owner. SWSU has never played Bioshock so he's probably not aware of the game differences.

I'll just say Desmond was trying to hide the possibility of any personal visitors to the others so he doesn't seem weak, and he used Big Daddies because that's what most people think of when they hear Bioshock.
@Vilecheese: Woah I just compared their eye colors and I think you're right! When Liz randomly had a yellow speech bubble, she had Jojo's eye color. When Jojo was with Hunter last comic, she had Liz's eye color.

Here's a sloppily made image I just made:

Since they're from the same universe, it's possible that they knew each other before. Things don't really add up though, why would they pretend to be each other? It seems to be hurting Jojo's game, plus she denied being with Hunter to Liz.

Perhaps the Jake shapeshifting theory is true, but he just isn't that accurate with eye color? Hm...
@landis963: Yeah, for the game he's a normal citizen with no special powers. I doubt the producers would let him bring vigors on the island in any case haha, as fun as that would be. Yeah I've never really fully understood the whole multiverse concept, I remember the fact that Columbia and Rapture are two versions of the same thing, just in different universes, so the kitchen analogy makes sense.

@coolkyledude: Thanks! Looking forward to seeing how the game unfolds.
@landis963: Hey, this is Desmond's owner.

Desmond is from Columbia, he's never been to Rapture so he doesn't have any experience with splicing (I'm not even sure if Columbia and Rapture can exist in the same universe actually). Although he's wealthy enough to purchase vigors, he doesn't really care to use them that often, and he would likely not want the side effects that they may cause.

I hope that answers your question :)
Woah it's weird seeing Tapioca/Autumn looking somewhat normal for once.

Congrats Jim! He wasn't my favorite character and I found him kinda bland but he had a pretty good journey, so that balances out to an okay winner. In spite of that, I still thought the season was great, and the cast was amazing. Probably one of my favorites out of the one's I've read. Can't wait for SFC14 ;o

Final Overall Cast Ranking

Love <3 <3
1. Damon
2. Iyzebel
3. Alleio
4. Tapioca

Like <3
5. Luna
6. Sasha
7. Rudy
8. Anabelle
9. Orwell
10. Frost

Mild Like to Indifference
11. Jim
12. Dot
13. Ludovica
14. Roth
15. Arnold
16. Grilara
17. Stanson

18. Critic ew

I noticed Tapioca was still sitting in her seat at the end, not looking very happy. I'm guessing she didn't take her loss very well.
Frost's intense hatred of Jim is so random alol <3 I don't think they ever even interacted in-game?

Also Alleio and Roth having the exact same facial expression back to back is kinda creepy... Alleio's voting confession was kinda unsettingly sweet, too.

I still think Jim wins, though it looks like it'd be close. Either Izy or Sasha will be the swing vote for Jim. Either way I can't wait to see how the season concludes tomorrow! ^_^
Frost's speech was pretty harsh, but she's been a bitch all season so I don't get why everyone is complaining about her, it's not like this is different to what she was like before. Either way I still like her character lol.

Anyway this is how I think the votes will go

Frost - Tapioca (since she seems really hostile with Jim)
SC - Tapioca (deviated from her archetype more than Jim)
Roth - Jim (close allies in the game, obviously)
Alleio - Jim (he loves the Purada domination, but he'd love Jim's story of overcoming the odds)
Sasha - Jim (idk she just seems like she doesn't like Tapioca much)
Damon - Tapioca (seems to still accept her after her answer to his question, and they were close allies)
Iyzebel - Jim (hates Tapioca more)
Luna - Tapioca (they were allies)
Orwell - Jim (close allies, dislike Tapioca)

Jim wins 5-4 (I thought it would be a blowout but I don't think so anymore), with Izy being the swing vote. Although she hates both, I think her hatred of Tapioca had eclipsed Jim towards the end of the game.
Orwell was a likeable, rootable character, if not a little bland. He wasn't my favorite but he definitely contributed a lot to the season and I appreciate his presence.

Jim has got this in the bag. He's the only person since Sasha was voted out that has a proper winning story. And Tapioca is crazy and hated by the jury too. I can't wait to see whatever she has in store for the FTC though, it's gotta be big.
Abrasive or not, Iyzebel was a great character. I loved how she wasn't afraid to speak her mind and make her enemies' lives a living hell just out of spite. I wish she went out with a bigger bang, but this was still satisfying and I'm sure she'll still bring it during jury questioning. I still stand by the fact that she's a more competent Sexygirlxoxo (who I also enjoyed), even still I'm surprised she made it this far.

Izy for AS2 <3

Jim has got this in the bag I'd say. I still think the two guys are endgame since any F2 with Tapioca would be a complete blowout.
I've had mixed feelings about Luna throughout the season but her downfall was pretty fantastic. I thought she would cause her accidental elimination way earlier in the game but this was a pretty satisfying conclusion to her arc. I imagined reality being slightly distorted every time she had one of those slanted speech bubbles.

Also I'm glad that she did end up being humble in the end, and I liked how she accepted her defeat.

At this point, I'm expecting an Orwell and Jim F2, with Jim winning. I hope Izybel somehow wins though, even though she's one of the most abrasive people to ever be on SFC, she did dominate this game and she's entertaining as hell. I really doubt it though.
Wow, I'm sad to see Damon go but he did make it pretty far, and he had a really great journey. I honestly can't really remember if how involved in the main story he was (other than being Izzy's rival), but he always was a really nice presence.

Anyways here's a ranking of the final 5

1. Izybel (Dominating queen <3 So glad she made it this far despite being in danger nearly every TC since the midmerge)
2. Luna (Wasn't a fan at first but she's become so hilariously smug and badass)
3. Tapioca (Mostly fun but she's been pretty meh lately. She's been more or less the same personality for the past few days)
4. Jim (Likeable I guess but I'm not too big on him)
5. Orwell (Ehhhh his story kinda died with Sasha and I was never really big on him in the first place)

Anyways I definitely think one of the guys is going to win, which I'll be satisfied with. I'd love for one of the girls to pull a win though, no matter how much the jury hates them alol
Tumblr Tapioca is very entertaining.

I really have no idea who's going, I guess I can see it being Iyzebel but I can see it being Orwell too. Either way I think Sasha and Tapioca are safe.
These two to be tribemates on the next Allstars, and to have a Colby/Jerri esque journey as well.
God I love these two so much <3 I really need them to stumble backwards into the endgame somehow while still constantly at each others' throats.