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Ein lindwurm ich bin :)ROOOOAAAAAR
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    Olga imdeinhosen :)
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Where on earth does that leash lead to? It goes under his robe xD
Kaito's behavior in this chapter reminds me of the behavior of someone who self-mutilates. With the whole "crying is a weakness" and the "Holding it in". I'm forming a hypothesis that Kaito might self-mutilate.
August 11th, 2011
DEERRRP. If I was Shuno, I would be sooo pissed. btdubbes; Ich liebe dein comic! :DD Your art style is amazing and unlike most BL comics, it has a brilliant plot!
LOL, "what?? NO!" I hope he don't puke on his shoulder, that would suuuuck xD
xD I love that cat. The sarcasm in it is amazing :D
LOL, I just pissed myself xD