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girl who loves yaoi, snowboarding, swimming, and hanging out with her girlfriends i don't draw comics but i do write fanfiction my profile on there is under the same name (beachblondey) look me up and please do read them if you like yaoi :)
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2 Year+
Its been over 2 years since you last updated and I still remember when I first found this comic. You had just started off and I remember waiting to see when you would update and loving every minute of it. I wanted to remind you that we are still her waiting for you to post the rest of the comic. I personally read through your comic every few months just b/c I love it that much. Well keep drawing and we will all still be here waiting for you. even if it takes you another 2 years I will still wait for the rest of this comic.

- I just realized I have a post from each year on this page lol.
the DA link is broken. I just get a white screen for it.
I love how Arco doesn't look scared he just looks horrified at the amount of blood or whatever is going on. And really June did you have to pick a horror movie now Arron is going to be even more scared of the dark.
happy new years. I love that he holds the Orca when he is upset. Its like he still wants Arco to comfort him even when Arco is the reason he is upset.
Since he is so tan you should do a drawing that shows his tan lines :). He really has changed over the summer he looks happier and less sickly.
Arco looks so nervous he either gets test anxiety or he is worried Brynn might not pass.
The necklace
@Mccull61: So if June dies Will Aaron let him keep the necklace or will he keep it and hold on to it? theoretically of course. It just seems that it is more of June's necklace now.
are those all of his names on the surf board?
I like the giant hickies on aaron
what is the official site?
For A second there I though he had a fin on the back of his tee shirt in the first panel
@DreamGazerT: Food erection scale that is totaly great. I can never look at those foods the same again
the boobs look great.
Yay new page thank you.
I hate cliff hangers. Ugg please update soon.
keep working hard :)
Every now and then I find myself rereading your story to the point that I have read it over 10 times. That is just how much I love it. I will continue to wait for the ending of this story until you finish it. I just wanted to remind you that there are fans that still support you and that we will patiently wait for the ending of your story for as long as it takes.
yay. I'm willing to wait for it however long it takes. I'm glad your not going to leave us hanging by posting every now and then. this way you can work on it when you can and not feel bad about making us wait at key parts of the comic. i love this comic & I'm so glad ur not discontinuing it. thanks for keeping us posted.
potion hmmmm so short time how short of a time r we talking hour day?
i can wait btw i love the cover of the next chapter its so pretty