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I seriously just love her scream in the last panel. OMG! She really went Nutso there lol!
But their hair color switching is really weirding me out. NEED EXPLANATION! D:
This page happened forever and a day ago but I think you missed putting the glasses on his head as well as forgot to add in his salad bowl.
<__<' You know, everyone one is voting for Samsol (the obvious choice) I'm gonna vote for the ugly anorexic cow just cuz I can.
Hes a beige-ish breed?

All I know is that horses name is Susan and He wants you to respect his Life Choices!
July 15th, 2012
There are so many people saying What to this page its like watching a Doctor Who rerun with David Tennant! XD Nerd Moment!

Btw... WHAT?!??!?!?!?!
I'm a little slow so I only just realized his pupils are in the shapes of hearts o.o wow!
I wont forgive you if you were in a plane crash cuz that means there will never be an end to the suspense D:
March 13th, 2012
If Smackjeeves was like facebook individual pages would have a like button. And if this page had a like button I would have hit it like 20 times on 20 different computers by now. Seriously, I would be like computer hopping at the library so it would probably be MORE than 20, lol! BUT OMG SO CUTE!!!!

As it is I gave this page 5 smackjeeves star.... thingys! ;P

Edit: And then I find the facebook like button..... greeeeaaaaat. I feel smart XD
February 7th, 2012
.-. You could always go back and change the age so he is like 18 or 19. That way they cant get mad and you can keep going.
you know..... I find it funny that of the Gods she could have picked that Dake would believe in she picked the one whose Emblem is a Dick. Thats Perfect!
In all the professional off-the-shelf comics/mangas I read. Anything being said by a character off-panel was just a solid bubble placed off in a random zone. Kinda like how you have it. Always seems pretty clear to me
:O Its the evil fat lady and the guy whose got big enough balls to do her! XD I still love it when tommy said that!
O.O OMG! This totally makes me feel less fat too :D WOOT Jiggly muscles -drools at pic-
o.o this is why you never try to breast feed a baby that is half shark....
OMG that is sooooooo kawaii!!
black shirts.... its a band geek thing XD
-goes dwarf- rules? WHAT rules? Bring me some BEER!
ROFL! I love the fact that she actually went along with it! the final comment at the end was funny as anything!
-imagines shira opening the door and coming face to face with a Haru who just came out of the shower in nothing but a small towel- P: oooopen then dooooooor!
-pats- poor lonely nerd boy. How sad v.v -sneaks away and kills LordVecna13- << oops, my bad. Go make hot sweaty moments with Rosalyn